488 Pista on the 'ring | Time For Coffee?

You'll know all about the Ferrari 488 Pista hype by now; we did our fair share of additional gushing about it just last weekend. While officially superseded by the F8 Tributo now, the Pista's combination of outrageous performance, sublime chassis and huge excitement ensures it continues the track-prepped Ferrari Berlinetta lineage very nicely indeed.

But just how good is it on track? There have been circuit tests with various magazines since the Pista's launch, but now it's time for the big one: sportauto, its resident nutcase Christian Gebhardt, and the Nordschleife. It would be rude not to share...

Even more excitingly, this particular Pista is on the optional, super sticky Michelin Cup 2 R tyres, so it's perfectly specced for track use. Far be it from us to reveal the time here - rest assured it's very, very fast - but it's worth drawing your attention to a few things: the way the harnesses are flung around under heavy braking, which is always cool, how little steering effort is required, even for the tightest of turns, and just how rapid the Pista is on the straight bits - it does 200mph down the Dottinger-Hohe...

So yeah, even by the standards of Nurburgring onboards, this one is pretty special. Get your brew ready and enjoy - just be prepared for the lap to be finished before your drink!

P.H. O'meter

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  • MDL111 16 Oct 2019

    That’s a very impressive time - 13 seconds faster than what they did in the 918

  • loudlashadjuster 16 Oct 2019

    I would've sorted my visor out before that lap eek

  • nickfrog 16 Oct 2019

    Turning into Schwedenkreuz at 200 km/h. Brilliant.

  • Krikkit 16 Oct 2019

    I don't give a fig for lap times, but good grief that guy is absolutely on it all the way round. Proper driving.

  • FoxtrotOscar1 16 Oct 2019

    Those gear changes are violent biggrin

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