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Honda S2000 parts catalog to launch in June

New official route to order bits for Honda's screamer of a roadster will go live this summer

By Sam Sheehan / Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Honda will launch an online parts catalog for the S2000 this June, providing owners with a new route to order bits and potentially burn away hours digitally examining the innards of the much-loved roadster. Exact details as to how the catalog will be presented are yet to be revealed, but the parts it includes are likely to be extensive, as Honda is calling on owners/fans to nominate what it lists via the hashtag #S2000partscatalog. Expect no VTEC stone to be left unturned.

At this stage, the catalog site simply displays a technical drawing of an early S2000, with almost every bit - including the the internals of its four-cylinder screamer - visible. The words ‘2020.6 Expected’ suggest an obvious target launch month, and there’s a chance it’ll include accessories as well as standard bits, as teased by Honda’s S2000 20th Anniversary Prototype from December last year.

Japanese car makers have really set a precedence for the reintroduction of parts supply for hero models, with Toyota having most recently relaunched its spare parts production for the A70 and A80 Supras. Clearly it’s a growth market, especially with prices for Japanese modern classics constantly on the rise – or at least rock solid like today’s Spotted – meaning owners are now financially motivated to keep them in tip top condition. It’s also true that they don’t make ‘em like this anymore, so keeping the old legends alive is getting more and more important.

The S2000 remains an unrepeatable achievement as far as Japanese roadsters go. Yes, the ND MX-5 has ensured the survival of a paired-back two-seater today, but we’re never going to have the old VTEC magic back again. During the S2000’s decade lifespan from 1999, it switched from 2.0-litre to 2.2-litre power, with peak power produced at 8,300rpm in those earlier screamers. Even the later motor would require your foot to stay in until 7,800rpm. Those were the days…

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