The Stratosferica: KTM Meets Lancia Legend

Question: How do you get hold of a Lancia Stratos, when you have the funds neither to buy an original, nor to create your own version with the help of Pininfarina a la Michael Stoschek?

Well, you could go the traditional replica route and get a Hawk Stratos.

Or you could follow a more - er - eccentric path and get yourself the car you see in these pictures and videos.

It's called the Stratosferica, and to get it you have to equip yourself with a KTM X-bow (no mean feat if you're buying used as you'll see from our man Silversixx's story) and take it to Italian carrozzeria Montenergy, who will make it look like this for the princely sum of 12,000 euros (£10.5k).

And if you fancy a bit more poke, you can also get the engine tweaked up to 310bhp...



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  • alexpa 24 Aug 2011

    Looks better than the x-bow.

    standard x-bow looks so awkward

  • robsco 24 Aug 2011


  • AdamPT 24 Aug 2011

    now that is something special. I would love one of these in the fantasy garage

  • harryowl 24 Aug 2011

    I'm guessing there's a good reason why there's no full frontal shot?

  • piefacemate 24 Aug 2011

    Not entirely sure what to make of that, but looks like an absolute weapon!

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