Abt creates 186mph RS3

There's a lot to enjoy about the current Audi RS3: handling that's less blunt than the 2015 car, the availability of a smart four-door saloon for the first time and, obvious though the statement sounds, outrageous performance.

But what if you could improve all those attributes? That's what Abt has attempted with this, the Power R RS3. Thanks to its own ECU map, an intercooler and a new exhaust system, Abt says this small saloon is toting 500hp. Alongside 420lb ft, Abt claims a 0-62mph time of 3.7 seconds (which sounds a little pessimistic) and a top speed of 186mph. A hundred and eighty six!

Now, we've had 500hp RS3s already, but Abt goes further with this car and offers dynamic upgrades as well. So in addition to the range of 19- and 20-inch wheels, buyers can also opt for a set of Abt springs in conjunction with KW V3 dampers, as well as Abt's anti-roll bars. Combine that with the big brake kit also offered and the ingredients are there for an absolute monster of an RS3.

Additionally there are cosmetic upgrades - larger pipes, side skirt extensions, front splitter and rear diffuser - though for full Q-car kudos it would surely have to be left standard. And grey, of course.

Quite how you would get Abt upgrades on a UK RS3 isn't clear (nor is what it would cost) but, despite that, it's hard not to be enthused by a small Audi saloon with damn near as much power as a Ferrari 430 Scuderia. Wonder what Abt could create with a bigger turbo, some intake tweaks, maybe a few upgraded internals...

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  • GroundEffect 22 Jun 2018

    And when it breaks, I wonder how well the warranty claim will go smile

  • xjay1337 22 Jun 2018

    GroundEffect said:
    And when it breaks, I wonder how well the warranty claim will go smile
    Such a mis-hog!

  • loose cannon 22 Jun 2018

    Those seats are absolutely horrid they look like they were made by Nike air, did they forget to paint the car when it was having it’s £400 remap

  • 130R 22 Jun 2018

    loose cannon said:
    when it was having it’s £400 remap
    More like 30K Euro with all the mods on that car.

  • PHMatt 22 Jun 2018

    Is this 186mph a theoretical top speed or is the car actually geared to get that far?

    It could have 10,000 bhp but if it's geared to a max of 155mph at a rev point where the engine doesn't consume itself, that's how fast it will go.

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