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New V8 Touareg 'most powerful diesel German SUV'

Thought that 421hp 4.0-litre oil burner had gone extinct with the Panamera? Think again

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Now this is a turn up. Of all the manufacturers you might expect to launch a two-tonne diesel leviathan - particularly at this time of increased EV saturation - VW wouldn't be top of the list. Given all that's happened, y'know, and its focus on future mobility solutions and more sustainable powertrains.

Still, here we are, a new VW V8 diesel. As far as can be told this new Touareg TDI uses the same 3,956cc twin-turbocharged engine as once found in the Panamera Diesel S; i.e. one very closely related to that found in the Audi SQ7 - their cubic capacities are identical - but without the fancy electric compressor technology.

Still, the Touareg is hardly left wanting. Peak figures stand at 421hp and a colossal 664lb ft, the latter actually matching the Audi adversary. Produced at 1,000-3,250rpm, that torque peak is exactly the same as the SQ7 as well - interesting.

Much like the T-Roc R that this car will also share space with at Geneva, the Touareg V8 TDI is officially a concept. But, of course, given the amount of detail the current release goes into, we can expect a production version to strike quite some resemblance to this car. Apparently buyers will be able choose between 'Elegance' and 'Atmosphere' specification, with R-Line an option. All models will get air suspension and 19-inch wheels as standard, plus the usual host of driver assist technology.

So according to VW, that's an SUV "designed for exceptional comfort", with the "torque of a supercar" and "excellent performance"; or, as far as we can see it, a really fast and really luxurious Touareg. It's a nice reminder, too, that the Touareg might be the only car ever in its lifetime to be offered at some point with five-, six-, eight- and ten-cylinder diesel engines. While there's no confirmation of the V8 TDI coming to the UK just yet, there should be more information forthcoming - it's nearly here, honest - from Geneva next week.

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