Aston Martin kicks off production at St Athan

Aston Martin has commenced production at its brand-new St Athan facility in South Wales, where prototype versions of the upcoming DBX are being made ahead of the SUV's introduction in 2020. Company boss Andy Palmer said Aston's second factory, comprised of three former RAF 'super hangers', had been completed "on time and on budget" - which ought to make anyone toiling on TVR's nearby Ebbw Vale site red with jealousy.

Aston has been working on its new facility since 2016, in which time 200 jobs have been created. St Athan's role as Aston's DBX producer, as well as its responsibility to lead the development of EV tech and build all future Lagonda models, means a further 500 jobs are expected to be created directly, with an additional 3,000 spawned across the wider supply chain that will include local businesses in South Wales.

With its production line (sort of) operational, development of the DBX - Aston's first SUV - has moved from Wales to the Arctic Circle and Nurburgring. Aston claims the car will be as capable off road as it is on and is expected to be revealed before the end of 2019 with an AMG 4.0-litre V8 offering in the region of 500hp, and with the majority of power going rearwards to ensure Aston-like dynamics.

It's no coincidence that St Athan is to produce the DBX and also lead Aston's electrification charge. The SUV will eventually grow a hybrid variant while the Lagonda All-Terrain SUV produced alongside it from 2021 is set to be all-electric only, leaving Gaydon to focus on the sportier stuff, like the new Vanquish, 003 and, of course, Valkyrie. Lots going on then - and at the ideal time for the industry, too.

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  • Mike 83 4 days ago

    I know the usual they have to make these like porche to survive and make great sports cars but I still hate it mabey I'm just getting old or have become a dinosaur I need another coffee before I look at that thing again

  • Unsorted 4 days ago

    Andy Palmer said Aston's second factory ... had been completed "on time and on budget" - He is on a winning streak with the share price arriving on time and at present costing massively under initial estimate.

  • richs2891 4 days ago

    Have to agree with the above that AM SUV looks terrible - V bland in that colour scheme, it could be from any number on manufactures.
    I am surprised that the SUV craze is still going strong, I though it would have started to die off

  • Andy665 4 days ago

    I will reserve judgement on what the car looks like until it has actually been revealed but I'm pleased AM is at least understanding what customers are wanting to buy

    Whether people like it or not the demand for SUVs is continuing to grow and any manufacturer that ignores that demand is naïve and arrogant

    Porsche would not have survived if it was not for the Cayenne, if an AM SUV allows the company to survive and produce great sports / GT cars then why not - no one who doesn't like it is not exactly being forced to buy it

  • HardtopManual 4 days ago

    Admittedly, I don't understand why SUVs are so popular and I don't understand why anyone who's in the market for an Aston would want an Aston SUV. But that thing could be a Kia or a Seat.

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