Aston DBS special marks 50 years of Concorde

Even half a century after it first took to the skies, there are surely few more iconic aircraft than Concorde. It has the supersonic passenger jet prestige, that iconic, timeless look and its unprecedented display of what the British and French can do when they work together.

Now Aston Martin has taken to marking that enviable heritage with the DBS Superleggera Concorde special edition. Part of the β€˜Wings Series’ range of cars, which also includes the Vanquish S Red Arrows, Vantage Blades and V12 Vantage S Spitfire 80 - noticing the theme here? - 10 Concorde Superleggeras will be made available from Aston Martin Bristol. The link isn’t accidental, either: the dealership is said to be β€œa long runway’s length” from Aerospace Bristol at Filton, where the last Concorde ever to fly is kept.

So what marks out a DBS Concorde? Well, it’s mechanically standard, but it’s hard to imagine any grumbling on that front - 725hp is more than enough for most. Instead this is a cosmetic overhaul, with Aston saying that β€œa carefully judged selection of interior and exterior design and trim modifications to delicately yet unmistakeably celebrate the achievements of the Concorde team.” Specifically, that’s milled aluminium side strakes, a paint scheme that comprises BA colours on the roof strake, aero blade and rear diffuser, BA logos on the front wings, Aston Q badges and β€œauthentic jet black painted Civil Aviation Authority aircraft identifier numbers”. In addition, it gets a very cool - we think - black tinted carbon roof with the Concorde silhouette.

Naturally, the Concorde homage continues inside. It could probably be argued that some upgrades - Alcantara headlining with a sonic boom graphic, titanium shift paddles made of Concorde compressor blades - are more successful than others - Mach Meter graphic on the visors, bespoke sill plates - though there’ll be no mistaking it for any other DBS. Which will probably be enough for most.

Marek Reichmann has said the Concorde will β€œsubtly and sympathetically enhance and highlight some of the car’s most notable features while preserving the elegance, style and sheer brutish road presence for which the Aston Martin DBS is rightly known.”

Those excited by the prospect of a DBS Concorde Edition should get on to Aston Bristol ASAP - they’re on sale from today, though a price hasn’t yet been announced. Part of the proceeds will go to the Air League Trust, so both conscience and right foot can be content with your new V12 super GT. Finally, if this doesn’t cut it but you still fancy an aircraft-themed Aston, the Cambridge dealer has both a V12 Vantage S Spitfire 80 and a Vanquish Red Arrows on offer - just under half a million secures them both.

Search for a DBS Superleggera here

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  • GranCab wannabe 26 Nov 2019

    The forum is going to love that i can just tell

  • sdiggle 26 Nov 2019

    "noticing the theme here?"

    Yes, they are all aeroplanes. Do I get a prize??

  • Krikkit 26 Nov 2019

    GranCab wannabe said:
    The forum is going to love that i can just tell
    laugh Definitely!

    I'm going to stick my head above the parapet and admit I quite like it - white with the cool accents really suit that shape. Not worth what they'll be asking of course...

  • scottygib553 26 Nov 2019


  • AmosMoses 26 Nov 2019

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    What is happening to this forum?!

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