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Aston reveals DBZ Collection in new images

First look at the DBS GT Zagato that 19 owners will soon receive...

By Dafydd Wood / Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Aston Martin has given us a first clear look at its upcoming DBZ Centenary Collection in new renders released today. Comprised of the DB4 GT Zagato continuation and new DBS GT Zagato, each pair is set to cost 19 lucky owners a whopping six million pounds but had, until now, remained under wraps. Well, not the DB4, obviously; that car will look exactly the same as the original on which it is based - which is to say absolutely stunning. Despite being set for production next year, however, the DBS GT Zagato had only been represented by some rather conceptual sketches before today.

The car debuted in these new, photorealistic renders is perhaps not helped by its gaudy colour scheme, but seems to appear a little narrower and taller than the low, sleek machine previously depicted. From the rear it's very much as you were with the Vanquish Zagato - no bad thing - while the front has received an even healthier dose of the Zagato treatment, an enormous grille, reshaped headlights and new bonnet vent being the most immediately apparent changes.

The re-design is "inspired by the voluptuous shapes that previously dressed the original DB4 GT Zagato", says Aston, declaring it "an unequivocal statement of luxury, exclusivity and purity". To that end the grille is not merely gigantic, but 'dynamic' too; when stationary, each of the 108 individual diamond-shaped carbon fibre segments will close, remaining flush with the car's exterior. Upon start-up, however, they will appear to "flutter into life", each piece opening to allow the car's twin-turbo V12 to breathe.

Inside, meanwhile, a camera-based rear view mirror allows for a full-length carbon fibre roof; the single, continuous piece of carbon fibre covering the area where the rear window would traditionally be found for a more flowing, organic look.

Aston's Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman, said of the design: "This is a car that is not only focused around beauty, but drama too. Our dynamic grille gives us an opportunity to provide the car with two very different identities. When parked, DBS GT Zagato will almost look like it's resting, but with the rear of the car still appearing muscular and primed for action. Only on start-up will the car truly become alert and ready to perform, delivering both an aural and visual treat for onlookers".

He continued: "Form and function are constantly in battle with one another, but this is a great example of where we have been able to utilise modern technologies to ensure no concession has been made on either side. It was important to me and our teams to deliver something as beautiful as the original DB4 GT Zagato and I feel that we have achieved that with this model and I can't wait to see it in the metal".

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