Lagonda All-Terrain Concept primed for Geneva

At last year's Geneva motor show Aston Martin took the event by storm, unveiling the strikingly futuristic and fabulously opulent Lagonda Vision Concept - a car which pitched the sub brand as a near-future solution to the question of luxury motoring in the next decade. This year the stakes will be higher still as the company looks to repeat the feat, this time by previewing the first model set to enter production since its 2014 return and subsequent rebirth as a manufacturer of hi-end EVs.

That will take the form of an SUV (naturally), offering well-heeled buyers an alternative to the petrol powered 4x4 bandwagon that Bentley and Rolls-Royce have both jumped on in recent years. Having been teased last spring, we already know it will borrow heavily from the design language previewed by Vision Concept. Along with the obligatory raised stance, it'll likely be similarly left field; upon entering production, however, expect a more practical set of doors and a less unconventional interior layout to bring Lagonda's imaginative concept back down to earth.

Once in the real world, it'll find itself sitting on architecture closely related that that of Aston Martin's fossil-fueled DBX, a car with which it'll share the new St Athan production line when manufacturing begins in 2021. For now, however, the All-Terrain Concept will be free to emulate last year's Vision and attempt to steal the show in Switzerland.

Talking about the Lagonda's upcoming reveal, Aston CEO Andy Palmer said: "The Lagonda All-Terrain Concept offers explicit clues regarding what will be the first Lagonda model to enter production, and further demonstrates how Lagonda's zero emission powertrain enables us to create spectacular cars that will radically redefine their sectors of the market. I'm expecting the Aston Martin Lagonda stand to be busier than ever, and very much look forward to seeing the crowd's reaction first-hand". As do we, Andy, as do we.

P.H. O'meter

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  • Roy m 06 Feb 2019

    " first lagonda model to enter production" - short memories some people!

  • dundarach 06 Feb 2019

    Looks atrocious, even as a I missing.

  • Macboy 06 Feb 2019

    The continued enthusiasm for Lagonda and splitting the already limited resiurces they have across a second brand-name is yet another example of Aston Martin overstretching themselves and attempting to compete in too many niche markets. Stick to what you do well for heavens sake. They are fast becoming the dictionary definition of "believing your own hype".

  • GTEYE 06 Feb 2019

    dundarach said:
    Looks atrocious, even as a I missing.
    Those sketches would be laughable even by schoolboy standards. I don’t think a human would even fit into such a monstrosity.

  • CrunkleFloop 06 Feb 2019

    Who is is tired of this new trend of articles which seem largely cut and paste:

    "Insert company name here are producing the future of automotive design (+10 HP points if SUV). Here are some pictures the directors son made on photoshop whilst on the bus home from school and it will be all electric and have a quadzillion KW and be faster that infinity+1"

    Could we please have some "proper" news articles for cars that actually exist (even if in development stage) with pictures in the flesh rather than this rendered hypothetical poppycock.

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