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Land Rover Defender | Pic of the Week

What's better than more new Defender? A Defender in a Bond film!

By Matt Bird / Sunday, December 08, 2019

There's not much to get the general film-watching public going than a new Bond caper, and the excitement around No Time To Die - now with less than four months until its premiere - is bordering on the palpable. Now, of course, some of that will be due to it being Craig's last Bond flick, the Aston DB5 and the fact that 007 films always attract attention, but there's a suspicion that the role of the new Defender might be contributing a bit, too.

The old ones looked fantastic in Spectre, and you'd have to hope for more of the same in NTTD. Certainly the footage seen so far suggests it's in for typically unsympathetic use, the near-standard cars lapping up the punishment of a film role. Bring together Bond, Astons and Defenders - the BAD trio, if you will - and you can fairly guarantee audience attention - let's hope the reality lives up to the hype.

Until then we have this image from filming for our latest Pic of the Week wallpaper. Anyone who has seen the trailers will know that this seems to be the standard angle of attack for a Defender in the film, and it certainly looks dramatic whether as a still or film. 2020 will be a big year for the Defender, both on screen and off it; that's a lot less than a month away now, too...

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