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Novitec N-Largo 720S Spider revealed

New year, same old Novitec - McLaren gets copious carbon, 800hp and 215mph potential

By Matt Bird / Thursday, January 09, 2020

Should have seen this coming, really. The McLaren 720S is proving a popular car for Novitec, having already modified both the 720S Coupe and tinkered with the Spider. Now, in a product move that will surprise precisely nobody, we have the Novitec N-Largo 720S Spider.

For those that don't know (or haven't yet guessed), the 'N-Largo' thing is Novitec's widebody - see its take on the Ferrari 812 Superfast, which added more than 12cm to the car's width. It's much the same here, with German designer Vittorio Strosek working with Novitec on the carbon kit that replaces a lot of OEM parts, here adding 6cm of width at the front and 13cm at the rear. That drastic gain works in conjunction with staggered 20/21-inch Vossen wheels to put "even more emphasis on the wedge shape of the sports car." It has presence, that's for certain, helped in the Spider's case by a 35mm drop in ride height through new springs.

The other modifications are familiar from Novitec's previous work with the Super Series McLaren, the most potent ECU and exhaust liberating 806hp and 647lb ft. The performance claims are if anything even sillier than the appearance: 2.7 seconds to 62mph, 7.5 seconds to 124 and a maximum of 215mph. Novitec is even claiming improved throttle response from standard, as well as "even more powerful in-gear acceleration" - you don't say. Finally, for the peak in supercar silliness from Germany, there's an Inconel exhaust, breathing out of 95mm tips and promising "a more powerful exhaust note."

Novitec will make just 15 N-Largo 720S Spiders; some will say that's 15 too many, but clearly the demand exists or the N-Largo fascination would not continue. Wonder what they'll have a crack at next? As for the McLaren Spiders, they're available to configure with Novitec's limitless possibilities now, presumably ready just in time for sunnier months...

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