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Name: Jon Spriggs
Car: 1974 Triumph Stag
Owned since: August 2012
Previously owned: A good mixture of old and new....

They're not broken, honest. Just  stopped
They're not broken, honest. Just stopped
Why I bought it:
"Who doesn't love a Stag? I'd always admired the looks and sound, and decided that nothing could be better than a foray into classic car ownership. Back in August 2012 I had the funds, and decided the time was right. Of course it had to be Tahiti Blue with a Tan interior, and the perfect car came up for sale - but was sold before I could send over a deposit. Then this car cropped up on eBay, Pimento Red with a Chestnut interior, and I fell in love. I secured it over the phone, got the train up to Dalton in Furness the next day, and drove it 300 miles home."

What I wish I'd known:
"Difficult one really; it's from the 70s and was nailed together in the Midlands, so rust is to be expected. I perhaps wish I'd had a better look underneath before buying - the first MoT bought up a few areas that needed attention, but overall I was lucky, and they were all quickly dealt with."

Pimento Red with Chestnut certainly of its time!
Pimento Red with Chestnut certainly of its time!
Things I love:
"I guess a lot of people here will say the 'V8 purr', but what I really love is the history file. This car was supplied new by Mann Eggerton in Bury St Edmunds in September '74, had a couple of company director owners, and was then bought by a Mr and Mrs Lomax from the Haven Hotel Garage in Sandbanks in 1977, they then owned the car for 35 years through to 2012. I've got every bill, receipt and MoT going back to 1977, and it remains an original unrestored car. Yes, things have been done, but unlike many Stags, it's never been taken fully apart for a nut and bolt rebuild."

Things I hate:
"Sunburn. Being fair skinned I have to slap on the factor 30 quite liberally. Problem with the Stag is because it looks so much better with the roof down, that's how you have to drive it all the time, which equates to many burnt foreheads."

Rebuilt engine now coming into its own
Rebuilt engine now coming into its own
"Well, there have been a few. Back in 2015 I decided the car's original engine was past its best at 75K miles, so had it rebuilt. Two years on and it's just about coming into its own, with about 3,000 miles on since the rebuild. It's a lovely engine. Last year I also treated her to a bit of a freshen up around the arches, and a back end freshen up (blasted and powder coated the rear subframe, reconditioned the differential, and renewed the rear suspension and brakes). I've probably spent the best part of £10K on it since buying back in 2012, but I don't mind as everything I'm doing will prolong the car's life."

Where I've been:
"Well there hasn't been a 300-mile run since I bought her back in 2012! But we head out to plenty of shows, classic car meets, Goodwood events, and during the summer I do drive her as a daily, in rotation with the other cars."

What next?
"We won't be parting company any time soon, but there are always jobs to do. The seats could do with new foam in the bolsters, and at some point I'd like to treat her to a full rub down and respray. The car was painted back in the late 80s but it wasn't the best job, and a good paint finish would really make her shine."

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Comments (41) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Arsecati 15 May 2017

    Always loved the Stag - it just oozed that element of class! smile

  • bobtail4x4 15 May 2017

    I liked the stag but didnt like the terminal rot so bought a Scimitar GTC

  • Spannerski 15 May 2017

    First time I saw one of these was as a 14yr old on holiday in France back in the 80's.
    In that Tahiti blue.
    It was the first V8 engine I had ever heard and I loved it.

  • GM182 15 May 2017

    Good looking example.

    It always make me a bit sad when I see a nice Stag. My grandfather had one from new. My dad kept it and in turn it passed to me. I had it on the road barely three weeks in 2008 when some fker nicked it from outside my flat.

    It was bright yellow (I forget the name but not the pastel shade) with four speed manual with overdrive and in decent un-restored condition.

    I have often thought of getting another but it just wouldn't be the same...

  • SpudLink 15 May 2017

    As the article says, everyone loves a Stag. Brings a smile to my face whenever I see one.
    It’s a shame there isn’t really a modern equivalent, but I think we discussed that in a thread some time ago.

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