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306 GTI-6 Buying Guide: At a glance

The essential checklist if you're viewing a GTI-6

By Alisdairsuttie / Sunday, September 04, 2016


Timing belt is a weak spot and can fail at less than 40,000 miles; make sure it's been changed recently or budget for this and a new water pump

A ticking noise from the engine when it's warm indicates a previous cambelt failure

Listen for the thermostatic fans cutting in if the engine gets hot

A new radiator is a wise move as soon as you buy a GTI-6

Air con pipes corrode and are easily damaged as they sit low under the radiator

Clutch cables become stiff with age; a replacement is Β£35 and transforms the drive

Rolling chassis

Suspension bushes wear and spoil the handling

Poly bushes are best reserved for track cars as they lessen the passive rear steering of the GTI-6

Listen out for rattling worn drop links

Cyclone alloy wheels don't have centre caps, so need careful balancing

Thin steel is easily dented in car park dings
Some cars didn't have a nearside wheelarch liner, which can lead to corrosion
Fuel filler elbow joint wears and leaks fuel; sniff for any signs of this
Check for rust around the rear seat belt mounts


Worn front seat bolsters are very common but easy to have repaired

Sunroof drain holes get blocked and allow water to leak into the roof lining

Almost every electrical component should be suspected of failure

Make sure electric windows and mirrors work with the doors open and closed

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