BMW 4 Series M Performance - pics!

So here's the white display 4 Series 'with a ruddy great black stripe' that was mentioned by Chris Harris in his first drive last week. His story mentions some of the M Performance upgrades available, but today we have pictures of said car.

Not such a Rich Tea 4 Series now...
Not such a Rich Tea 4 Series now...
As mentioned, the Power Kit gives the 435i another 34hp and 37lb ft, taking its totals to 340hp and 332lb ft. Nothing is yet available for the 2.0-litre 428i but the diesels can be Power Kitted also. So equipped, the 420d gains 16hp/29lb ft and the 430d 27hp/29lb ft.

But these images give a first look at the exterior alterations; they certainly make the 4 Series more distinctive, don't they? The bumpers are noticeably more aggressive, plus there's plenty of carbon (spoiler, mirror caps and front splitter); the obligatory rear diffuser features also. Just in case that wasn't enough, the sills are M Performance-embossed as well. Some will welcome the additional visual punch, but the changes could also be seen as unnecessary chintz on the subtle standard car. Wonder what the M4 will be like...

Interior 'inspired by racing'. With sat-nav.
Interior 'inspired by racing'. With sat-nav.
The interior gets more carbon, more badges and plenty of Alcantara, including a lovely steering wheel with 'Race Display'. The true M connoisseur will surely be eager for some M Performance floor mats and 'a specially designed driver's footrest' too.

Following the car's October launch, the M Performance 4 Series accessories will be available from January 2014. Prices remain unknown, but it's interesting to note this new direction for M Performance; there was the technical innovation with the M550d, followed by the performance bargain M135i. Hopefully a trio will be completed soon and M Performance doesn't simply become an accessories range.


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  • Contigo 22 Jul 2013

    Wait for the M4 thanks!

  • b14 22 Jul 2013

    Surely with just some flared arches, obligatory "power bulge" 4 exhausts and a modest power hike from the same engine, you've got the M4.

  • hy789 22 Jul 2013

    M4 is gonna be a monster

  • j90gta 22 Jul 2013

    Guten tag. Ich heisse Barry und ich komme von Essex! Hier ist mein auto. Es geht sehr schnell. Alle die schnellmachenteile hab ich in Halfords gekauft! Apologies for my poor German but I think you get the drift. That is absolutely horrid. Let's stick some bits of carbon fibre on it and hope the mugs will part with their hard-earned cash for the privilege. Don't know what they are thinking about. Just stick to the mechanical modifications please!!!

  • kambites 22 Jul 2013

    rofl That is absolutely foul!

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