Is Porsche Working On An Even Harder GT3 RS?

Rumours are whistling round the internetweb that Porsche is preparing an ultra-hardcore 911 as the swansong for the 997-generation car, before an all-new series, dubbed '991' appears toward the end of this year..

The new car is likely to be called the 911 GT3 RS Limited Edition and will be based on the current 911 GT3 RS, except with a 4.0-litre version of the famous flat six rather than a 3.8. It will develop 500hp, and a run of 500 cars is expected.

The web rumour mill also suggests that the GT3 RS LE could mark the debut of Porsche's new so-called 'PDK-S' gearbox, a more sports-oriented version of the company's twin-clutch transmission, which is widely expected to be available on the next-generation of 911 GT3 models.

So is it true? Porsche, of course, is keeping shtum on the matter, so we won't know for certain until 7th April when - so word has it - the official details of the car will be revealed.

But it does sound like a believable - and deeply tantalising - prospect. Watch this space.

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  • F.C. 16 Mar 2011

    Cool, I'll bet the price is limited edition too!!

  • richardaucock 16 Mar 2011

    The idea of a 4.0-litre 911 is tantalising indeed. But, yes, I suspect the price will also be mesmerising.

  • MetalFoot 16 Mar 2011

    But if it's pure performance you are after I do suppose the figures will be fairly blinding rotate

  • McAndy 16 Mar 2011

    I've seen too many stories and little comments in Porsche management interviews for this not to be true. If it's false a rumour, I'll eat a cake shaped like a hat!

  • Shane O'Neill 16 Mar 2011

    I have a deposit down on one.No official info but i think it will happen.But not with PDK.I think they always had problems combining it with the Metzger engine which powers the GT3/GT3 RS.

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