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It's been a little while since we've shared a Time For Tea? so we'll make up for it with a long one. Best make it a pot with extra biscuits on the side because this one's half an hour's worth.

Pretentious? Moi?
Pretentious? Moi?
The subject matter, Magnus Walker, is certainly a character, his dreadlocks and shabby chic translated to the world of old Porsches in a way that will either have you nodding along in admiration or shrieking in horror, depending which side of the purist divide you stand.

The video is indulgent. And takes itself just a tad seriously. But it's beautifully shot and, bastardised or not, the cars Magnus builds are hard to argue with.




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  • Oddball RS 10 Dec 2012

    Have you not covered this before?

  • M@1975 10 Dec 2012

    Erm is it me or was that dude knitting?

  • Arun_D 10 Dec 2012

    Watched this on Speedhunters the other week, great video. He's quite a character, and I love his silver daily driver.

  • Lordbenny 10 Dec 2012

    I recently watched Jay Leno talking to him....one cool (Northern English?) dude.


  • Hellbound 10 Dec 2012

    This was on Jay Leno's site 3 weeks ago.

    Anyway, at first I thought the guy was a dick who didn't understand what irony was as he kept saying everything was ironic.

    But then I saw how he made a living for himself altering clothes and starting his own clothing label before moving onto Porsches. He's pretty rich now having bought quite a lot of property.

    He's not everyone's cup of tea but personally he's living my dream. Own fashion label and messes about with cars. Doesn't get much better than that!


    Edited by Hellbound on Monday 10th December 18:53

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