VW Golf GTI Clubsport S: PH Videoblog

There's a weight of expectation riding on the Golf GTI Clubsport S. Not only has it deposed the Civic Type R (or Megane Trophy-R, depending on your interpretation of the rules) as the fastest front-wheel drive car at the Nurburgring, it's also the most expensive Golf GTI ever at £34,000. There were 235 comments on the original news story, nearly 80 on the first drive and more than 150 when the news broke of it selling out - it's a car people certainly want to talk about!

But can it really deliver as a truly thrilling hot hatch in Britain? Because the Nurburgring has a habit of making any car seem rather more interesting, particularly when you have to chase the guy who set the lap record. So in this videoblog, Dan has the Clubsport S and a typically testing B-road to establish some definitive answers.

Obviously this isn't the place to reveal any conclusions - full written review to follow tomorrow - but the Nurburgring development time certainly hasn't been wasted. Conveniently this road is exactly where the Civic Type R and Megane Cup-S were tested too, so there are some interesting comparisons to make. Is this the best Golf GTI ever made? Is it perhaps the best front-wheel drive hot hatch? Over to Dan!

Watch the video here.


P.H. O'meter

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  • david hockney 24 Aug 2016

    The video is a bit bland and looks like it was filmed for 20 pence.
    I like the Golf but would be hard pressed to have spent over 30 grand on one......
    I wonder how the residuals will go with only 150 UK cars- maybe it will match the BMW 1M on that front...

  • IMI A 24 Aug 2016

    First Golf to sell for overs? GTI has a massive following here in the UK..

  • giveablondeabone 24 Aug 2016

    Put the back seats in then i'll take it seriously as a hot hatch

  • sparkysp 24 Aug 2016

    absolute rubbish how can you compare this to a civic Type R which has 4 seats and cheaper
    ill tell you what ill take the rear seats out spend the extra 3k on amd chip and exhaust and get 400bhp
    see how the club S fairs then oooo and i can buy one today aswell thats useful most of these cars wont be drivers just garaged and polished everyday to hold there value
    pointless of VW making this car apart from a quick buck and i wonder if you actually get the right parts underneath being as VW are going though a tierA supplier problem ?? might get a rusty turbo from a GTI and spinn it up to the max in the software lol

    cheer stu ..

  • Dan Trent 24 Aug 2016

    giveablondeabone said:
    Put the back seats in then i'll take it seriously as a hot hatch
    Fixed that for you!

    Has full set of seats, same suspension hardware, can be optioned with the Clubsport S seats, wheels and Cup 2 tyres and is still actually on sale. You can even have it with five doors and DSG if you want!



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