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VW Golf GTI TCR orders open

Β£34k confirmed for run-out Mk7 GTI, with first deliveries in March

By Matt Bird / Friday, February 22, 2019

There wasn't a lot more to find out about the Golf GTI TCR; we knew what it looked like, what it drove like and even how it compared to its distantly related race car cousin. What did remain unknown, though, was how much it would cost a UK buyer.

Well, now we know that too: £34,135, or a little more than £3k over the £31,100 Golf GTI Performance with three doors and an automatic gearbox. As a quick reminder, the TCR gets upgraded brakes, TCR seats and a bodykit (amongst other things) to distinguish it from the Performance, in addition to an extra 45hp.

UK buyers will also be offered a £2,000 option pack, which removes the speed limiter - meaning 164mph is possible - adds 19-inch wheels to replace the standard 18s and equips the TCR with VW's DCC adaptive dampers, dropping the car 20mm in the process. Expect a good chunk of customers to plump for it; after all, when do you ever see even a regular GTI for sale without the DCC? The 'Pure Grey' TCR signature colour costs an extra £580; if you want to combine that with a black roof, the total additional cost will be £1,130. Leather is £1,750, the 'TCR' honeycomb decals are £550 and a sunroof is £995.

It's easy to imagine most TCRs being at least £35k cars then, and that pitches them against all sorts of tempting rivals. Will Golf GTI enthusiasts be remotely bothered by those? Possibly not. But it's worth pointing out that a Megane Trophy with the dual-clutch gearbox is £33,510, a Mercedes A35 starts at £35,580 and the Civic Type R, albeit with a manual gearbox only, is £33,525 in GT form. The old GTI Clubsport S could be mentioned here as well, but that's rather been done to death recently. Chiefly by us. Point being if you're after a racy hatchback at the moment, there are plenty to choose from!


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