Aston Martin DB4 GT 'Continuation': POTW

British brands have been looking to the past a lot recently, Jaguar building those six continuation Lightweight E-Types and a 'new original' XKSS. Land Rover opened its 'reborn' program, and also lumped a V8 in the now dead Defender to mark its 70th anniversary. And now we have Aston Martin using its in-house Works program to fulfil the homologation requirements set in 1959 to allow the DB4 GT to go racing.

Purists may sneer at the idea of this continuation, as these later GTs built to Lightweight spec following on from chassis #0202R are fitted with a larger engine and come ready equipped with all the gubbins to go racing. However, after PH had a go in one of the prototypes we concluded that, "The new lightweight GT is a lovingly produced facsimile of its famous predecessor [...] Yet it's obvious that it has been built to a far higher standard"

With costs for the continuation at £1.5 million and official word that all customer cars will be circuit only, the scene of it parked up at a country pub is one that will be left to the imagination or Pic of the Week.

Quad HD

P.H. O'meter

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  • Raph C 19 Jan 2018

    "With costs for the continuation at £1.5 million and official word that all customer cars will be circuit only"


  • drpep 19 Jan 2018

    Dear Aston, when I pay any money, let alone 1.5mm, I expect to use it exactly how the f**k I desire.

    A reasonable human.

  • sisu 22 Jan 2018

    It all seems a bit Petrolicious this DB4GT thing. Closed road, film crew with a spotty guy flying a drone, wky music and the owner giving some hipster narration about it being a connection. Ending with a glide camera shot like this one above of the car outside the pub without a mark on it.

    It all seems a bit artifical.

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