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Β£100k Garage | Simon Burr

From Mercedes-AMG C63 S to Focus ST170 in six moves

By Matt Bird / Thursday, May 21, 2020

Name: Simon Burr
Previously owned: Ford Fiesta (1.25 Style Climate) - first car and virtually bulletproof
Currently owned: Ford Fiesta Zetec S Ecoboost - current living in London so provides a cheap way to zip about between the traffic
On the shortlist: German performance saloon/coupe, a classic Fast ford, and I have to have an Aston.

The Shed - BMW Z3
Cost: £1,500
Remaining balance: £98,500
Why I chose it: "Having a die-cast model of one of these when I was a kid inspired me to pick this shed and relive my youth. Albeit a 1.9-litre Z3, offering a mere 120hp. This one does look fairly tidy, despite the advert stating the pictures were taken 'pre-valet' (unsure why you would bother try and sell something without a good scrub...).

"Interior looks to be in good condition (minus the aftermarket stereo system) with a seemingly unmarked driver seat, perhaps surprising given the high mileage. What better way is there to spend a summer's afternoon than with the roof down cruising around some British countryside in a manual, rear-drive Beemer that only cost you £1,500?"

The one still on sale - Mercedes-AMG C63 S
Cost: £41,995
Remaining balance: £56,505
Why I chose it: "A German performance saloon with an awesome soundtrack is all that really needs to be said. I previously drove one of these at Mercedes Benz World and was so much more nimble and agile in the corners compared to E63 and S63 variants and yet still has huge performance. This Edition 1has a great colour and wheel combination, I think, the red piping around the rim really sets it off well. The diamond stitched AMG seats are a great highlight too, however I would note the iPad style screen on the dash hasn't aged too well, especially compared to sleek dual screen systems seen with newer models."

Ford Focus ST170
Cost: £6,500
Remaining balance: £50,005
Why I chose it: "Worthy of future classic status? Time will tell. This immaculate kept example looks virtually new and according to the advert has been 'preserved', hence the punchy price tag. This has to be by far the best colour (Imperial Blue) and sits great on the multi-spoke ST wheels. This ST170 shape still looks great for something that is near 20 years old, but perhaps a small roof spoiler wouldn't go amiss..."

Nissan Skyline R33 GTST
Cost: £10,995
Remaining balance: £39,010
Why I chose it: "You could drive it in the original Gran Turismo! Perhaps I'm having a quarter-life crisis, but the Skyline is iconic. I spent many an hour racing Skylines on PlayStations, not to mention watching Paul Walker drive one in 2Fast 2Furious countless times (admittedly that was the R34 version). Secondly, prices of these appear to be soaring; I watched an old episode of 'Wheeler Dealers' the other day and these could be picked up for little more than half the price of this one.

"This version is a Japanese import GTS from what is a reputable specialist (located in my home town of all places), and on the surface has definitely been kept in great condition, but it does appear to be a V-Car that naturally raises some concerns. Still, easily modifiable with plenty of parts on offer good make this a great project car. Anyone for drifting?"

Aston Martin V8 Vantage
Cost: £32,990
Remaining balance: £6,020
Why I chose it: "A garage can't be complete without a British sports car. The Vantage still turns heads, and looks great from behind the wheel or parked up on your drive. This example is no exception, and would even go as far as saying it's the best looking one on offer, with the added bonus that the low mileage and immaculate condition may provide worry-free motoring heaven. Admittedly this is priced high, with others available in the region of £25k, yet the 20-inch gloss black wheels and added feature of a sports exhaust make this an appealing purchase."

The Brave Pill - Porsche Cayenne S
Cost: £5,995
Remaining balance: £25
Why I chose it: "So it is a bit of a bus, but there is something quite appealing of piloting one and peering down on small hatches as you waft along. This is the facelifted first-generation Cayenne with 385hp, and comes fully loaded with electronic gizmos.

"It looks great inside and out (black paint on black leather must be the best combination), but given that it has had 6 owners, each averaging around years of ownership, it could be a sign they were left bankrupt from the running costs! Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained..."

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