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Name: Gary Stewart
Car: 1973 Alfa 105 Super Guilia 2.0
Owned since: March 2015
Previous cars: Mk1 Escort two-door 1300 sport, Mini 1000, Vauxhall Magnum 2.3, Fiat 127, numerous rep sheds, 145 Cloverleaf, 190e 2.3 Cosworth, MX-5, 911SC, 996 C4S, 997 C2S, Golf GTI & Mk7 R, Cayman 2.7, E92 M3, WRX STi - to name a few!

Why I bought it: "As you can see I've had a fair mix of cars that hopefully get a nod from the bulk of the readers of this section. A couple fell into the 'classic' status (yes I should have kept the SC, but we needed a new bathroom and heating and the better half advised me that I should get it sold). Having seen a rusting 105 at a show along Southend seafront, I was smitten and that was it, my next toy was chosen. Had to be red, right-hand drive and not too nice - Cyprus or South Africa were the ideal places to search, and SCW popped up on that well-known site, 36 miles from my house. Test drive and haggle later we were on our way home."

What I wished I'd known: "How much attention it gets, in a nice way - every drive without fail gets a wave, drive-by photo or questions at the petrol station. Changing the look with a fast road kit has made parking so heavy, I really have to think about getting boxed in when parking on a street. The match of a 2.0 with a 1.6 differential gives it great performance (relative) but 65 mph+ cruising is a little buzzy on the ears."

Things I love: "In my view, it is a cool car, and I have only seen one other on the road in nearly three years, and that was in Monaco! The sound of an Alfa Twincam, that rasp is music, the overrun, backfires and general noises you only get from a twin carb setup. Once warm the gearbox is great, long lever yes, but it has that same mechanical feel as my 2016 STI, you actually want to change for a corner just for the action. I have a run from Southend to Colchester through A & B roads, it is perfect, you can't go fast but the Alfa just rolls the bends into one, hour-long experience of what driving should be like - engaging."

Things I hate: "The doors are a bugger to close since we replaced the rubber seals and the cabin gets very warm. The petrol filler and locking fuel cap is designed for Houdini, I have scratched 2 good watches whilst trying to twist wrist and hand whilst bent double at the pumps, not a good look. Sorry, what headlights! Nothing to hate, just saying..."

Costs: "I am trying to make this a keeper, my son loves it and says it is his car for the future. Cheap as chips to maintain, loads of good specialists that stock everything. We have done all the fluids, switched to electronic ignition, new clutch, fast road kit with Eibach and Konis plus period GTA wheels. Rear seat repair where the African sun had dried the leather and a colour dye set for the seats just about covers it. It seems to sniff fuel and hasn't needed a drop of oil since the change, light on brakes and tyres so is a 'budget' classic to enjoy."

Where I've been: "Mostly runs around Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk, there are some great roads locally that suit the car fine. A few runs up to London and whilst I was in-between everyday cars, a round trip to Cheltenham and Northamptonshire. Never missed a beat, the only issue was the slow wipers that meant a drive in the rain was interesting, so a new motor and now it is an all-weather car. I think a change of diff would open up some longer drives, though again the motorway is not its ideal home so maybe I'll just keep to the back roads."

What's next: "I'd love to have the money to drop it off at Alfaholics, and spec it out as a daily driver with loads of their mods, but (a) don't have the money and (b) it just wouldn't be the treat it is now to just go for a blast. So, have a Pipercross to go on, will replace the threadbare carpets and add some new sound-deadening to just make the ride that little bit more relaxing - hopefully enough to convince myself a run to Le Mans makes sense! Still, can't decide whether the bumpers should remain on or off - they do look good off and give it a clean finish to the lines, but it is pretty standard and that chrome does shine - what do the readers think?"

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  • Roy m 30 Oct 2017

    Lovely car - very envious. Leave the bumpers on!

  • sinbaddio 30 Oct 2017

    Very, very cool.

  • Peppka 30 Oct 2017

    Agree keep the bumpers. Just finished my boat tail 1600 Spider more involving to drive than my V6 GT more fun at lower speeds.

  • jaisharma 30 Oct 2017

    I thought this would be about the new Giulia
    This is much much better😀

  • Enricogto 30 Oct 2017

    Can we please rectify in the article the fact that the car is called Giulia Super, not the other way around? smile
    Otherwise, lovely car!

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