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Lee Whitehead
Car: Audi S8 V10
Owned since: January 2016
Previously owned: Over 70 cars but mainly Audis, a couple of Toyota Supras and a lovely DC2 Honda Integra Type R.

Why S8? Because V10, that's why!
Why S8? Because V10, that's why!
Why I bought it:
"I had always hankered after an S8 having seen Ronin, but they were out of my price range at the time; when the opportunity to buy a new car came up after selling my second S4 V8, I started looking for a Porsche 996 Carrera 4S but soon found that I am too tall. Uninspired, I went back to looking at S8s and realised that the V10 version was in my price range - with that engine, it would be rude not to!"

What I wish I'd known:
"Two things: One, that the sheer size of it makes it a magnet for bad drivers and also a nightmare to park. I stress about leaving her anywhere having come back to damage twice at airports; in the second case someone drove off without leaving a note and £4,500 worth of damage. No CCTV and no help from the police but I had her repaired by an Audi warranted garage and all is well now.

"Problem two - and it's a common problem with this car - is that the rear glass isn't bonded properly at the factory and has to be replaced because it leaks water; I had mine done and found that it was only attached at the bottom and on the left side."

Oh yes, and the interior is quite nice too
Oh yes, and the interior is quite nice too
Things I love:
"The ability to annihilate long journeys with no fatigue due to the quiet cabin, sublime B&O system and double glazed windows. I also love the drama of the V10 on start-up and in Sport mode when driving hard as the non-res Milltek system really makes her sounds like a beast; that's the only real hint at the car's abilities from the outside too, as most people do not seem to know what the car is and I can move around largely without loads of attention."

Things I hate:
"£550 a year in road tax is quite steep, Audi UK servicing seems pretty clueless on this car and struggling to find decent parking spaces. The hands-free phone system works well software-wise but the double glazing and UV glass coating pretty much halves your mobile signal and also means your dash-cam can't register speed via GPS because it can't pick up a decent enough signal."

It's staying for now - good man!
It's staying for now - good man!
"Servicing is reasonable at £400 minor/£800 major and fuel averages at 19mpg. Tyres are about £250 each, discs and pads come in at £500, but other than that I have had no major bills aside from the parking damage above."

Where I've been:
"All over the UK and into France too."

What next?
"I am planning new set of wheels to become the summer choice and moving the current wheels into winter tyre work - other than that, just drive and enjoy."

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  • sidesauce 26 Jun 2017

    The car is lovely though I am with you on the wheels (I never liked that design). Enjoy her sir!

  • Veeayt 26 Jun 2017

    Any chance of engine sound video?

  • DPSFleet 26 Jun 2017

    Love it! Very cool car - "Transporter" cool. and THAT engine!!

  • Nickbrapp 26 Jun 2017

    Awaits another knob coming along saying it's just another dull photocopied Audi/ glorified Passat could have had a e39 m5 etc

    I think that's bloody wonderful and it's dated very very well. A true sleeper

  • AC43 26 Jun 2017

    "with that engine, it would be rude not to"


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