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Name: Gavin Booth
Car: BMW E36 M3 Imola Individual (AKA M3 GT2) number nine of 50
Owned since: November 2012
Previously owned: BMW E36 M3, BMW E46 330 Clubsport, 2x BMW E36 328i Sport, Focus ST, Civic Type R, Renault Clio 172, Saxo VTS, Corsa GSI...

Rare limited-edition E36 a dream come true
Rare limited-edition E36 a dream come true
Why I bought it:
"I've always loved E36 BMWs and the Imola Individual is in my eyes the ultimate E36, extremely rare and appreciating in value. I saw it advertised up in Thurso which is about five hours north of Aberdeen. As far as I know it's currently the only one in Scotland. I saw the car, got it up on a ramp, drove it and bought it for a bargain price. It's got 128,000 miles but has the most detailed BMW service history I've ever seen. It's got a folder full of all receipts from new. All the problem areas with these cars have been addressed; fuel pump, brake lines, VANOS, etc. The car has been used and enjoyed but maintained correctly."

What I wish I'd known:
"Having owned M3s before and plenty of BMWs I pretty much knew what I was getting into."

Swanky interior all part of the Imola Individual pack
Swanky interior all part of the Imola Individual pack
Things I love:
"Going out for an early morning drive. It's only used at weekends or dry days so every journey is just about enjoying the drive. I love the admiring glances the car gets as a nice E36 is very rare, never mind a one of 50 limited edition M3. Been stopped in petrol stations a few times and asked questions about the car."

Things I hate:
"Nothing. I love everything about the car!"

"It's an M3 so not cheap to run. Preventative maintenance is the key with these. I've got a great local BMW specialist named Scott Feakes at Premier Motors in Aberdeen, who I use for any servicing and maintenance. It's relatively cheap to insure and tax, parts are fairly readily available and not hugely expensive. These cars can't be run on a budget though. If you go into one accepting it will need money spending on it then it won't be an issue."

Six-figure mileage but cleans up well
Six-figure mileage but cleans up well
Where I've been:
"Nowhere of note as yet but hopefully a long summer of driving ahead."

What next?
"I will keep it! I am lucky enough to run my own vehicle storage business - Vehicle Storage Aberdeen - and the car is kept in an air chamber over the winter months. Long terms plans are to take it to Redish Motorsport for a full underside restoration, full suspension refresh and basically anything it needs it will get. Wheels will get a full diamond cut refurb, also new brakes are on the list in the next couple of months and just generally enjoy owning one of the rarest M3s around."

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  • Luca Brasi 22 Apr 2013

    Gorgeous, cherish hit!

  • Krikkit 22 Apr 2013

    Those seats are lovely, although I'm not sure about the same colours inside and outside!

  • tinkertaylor 22 Apr 2013

    That is so nice. lick

  • pat_y 22 Apr 2013

    I have a real soft spot for the Imola Individual, just wish i could justify the price increase over a standard Evo. It is the best colour for this car.

  • rumple 22 Apr 2013

    That car is porn.cloud9

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