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Name: AntB
Car: MG ZT-T 260
Owned since: November 2011
Previously owned: various Sheds (including one which ran on old chip fat), Vauxhall VX220, Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6, the world's fastest beige Morris Traveller. Two more Morris Travellers. Wow, very few cars. I guess that's what training to be an architect does - endless years spent walking to and from uni, so fewer cars needed.

See, look, this is large and practical...
See, look, this is large and practical...
Why I bought it:
"I needed a 'practical dad' car (as my 1.9 diesel Volvo V40 was clearly not a practical car) and it was the car that I was told to buy by the other members of It's their fault. They prevented me from buying something I would have felt ambivalent about, though for this, I suppose begrudgingly, they should receive praise."

What I wish I'd known:
"That British Leyland never stopped expecting the owners of their products to be the Beta Testers."

Things I love:
"Where to start? The noise. The sleeper-ness. The fact that it's the last of the prototype cars; so that much more special. The fact that it is far faster than it ought to be. That it makes so many other people smile.

Rare, handsome, fast, interesting - the list goes on!
Rare, handsome, fast, interesting - the list goes on!
"What else? Loads. I did about 250 miles in far less time than it ought to have taken once and (obviously) it took the same time as Google Maps will tell you it took, but if it didn't perhaps I reached the destination feeling like I'd had a fantastic drive, but also like I could do the whole thing again The interior is really nice and has aged very well. It's incredibly comfortable and an excellent place to spend time.

"I also really like the fact that MG Rover did so much with so little. Many people blame this version of this model for MG Rover going down in flames owing to the amount of money it consumed, even though this was buttons in the context of what most manufacturers spend on development. What they managed to create is a car which inspires feeling like no other, aside possibly for one whose badge has an image on it of a man being eaten by a snake. Pretty good work for a bunch of penniless Brits in a shed they can't afford to own."

Things I hate:
"The fact that a well-known supplier owns all the parts and that their customer service is appalling. That's it basically. It's broken down (all the TADTS things) in spectacular fashion in the past (French autoroute with my wife and 11-month-old son, in the rain, on a Friday afternoon anyone?) and I still can't but forgive it all its foibles."

You'll be lucky to see more than 20mpg though
You'll be lucky to see more than 20mpg though
"Why would you want to know that? If I'd wanted to know the answer to that question I wouldn't have bought it, so why would anyone else need to know that?

"The book mpg is 17-24. If you factor in that you're not likely to get into the 20s then you'll get the ownership. On the plus side, this makes driving any other car an exercise in missing spending time in petrol stations. As it's coming up for sale I ought to warn prospective owners that if you can think of anything that might break that doesn't come on a standard Rover 75 then the chances are that they only ever made 883 of them (the entire production run of the car) so it's brilliant news that the owners' club is now having bits made. Have a need for a set of rear brakes, front dampers, a new diff and anything else transmission-related and you might get quite upset if you don't go through the owners' club. Thankfully these have all been fixed under my ownership, so it's probably cheaper to run now than a new Micra. Perhaps."

Where I've been:
"Tut. Mainly to meetings for work. Europe. It's ferried me to various track days and gave everyone at a Javelin track day at Goodwood a chuckle. The old girl looked hilarious leaving the pits. If ever there was a motor that could do a turn as a fat girl in a big dress hitching it up to go for a sprint after an ice cream van then it's this car.

"To my embarrassment shortly after baby number one was born we had heavy snowfall and it took me to Sainsbury's to pick up some baby feed (honestly). I may have wuffled into an abandoned and heavily snow-covered area of the car park to pull some donuts that day. Possibly, but also perhaps not obviously."

Will it stay? Will it go? Who knows?!
Will it stay? Will it go? Who knows?!
What next?
"Urgh. Yes, the prospect of baby number three (and the presence prior to the children of a beagle who needs something as transport) means that I need something with seven seats; did you know you can order a Model S with two jump seats in the back? No? Impressed me as well. Also, with a range of between 200 and 300 miles between fill-ups I am sure I can cope with a car that manages the same between charges. Actually, with the possibility of home-charging I'm less likely to start every trip to a meeting with a trip to a petrol station. The other prospect is keeping the car, or buying something that doesn't need so many fill-ups, and driving my wife's diesel Verso which is not something I can entertain. Versos are hateful."

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  • griffo71 13 Nov 2017

    Well written
    Nice car. Good work!

  • DBRacingGod 13 Nov 2017

    Top scripting and top motoring right there. Ace.

  • W12AAM 13 Nov 2017

    Great cars, these.
    I had two of them, in the past (Car No. 79 and Car No. 125 - Both MK1 Saloons) & used them everyday with no problems (apart from replacing the fuel clip on one of them).
    A lot of people never knew these cars existed?....And fitted with X-Power exhausts or Zero's - They are a "Pipe & Slippers 75",with a pure "Bullitt soundtrack"
    Would love another & around £10k or less, still buys quite a nice one.

  • AmosMoses 13 Nov 2017

    Endlessly cool these, just needs a big supercharger!

  • AntB 13 Nov 2017

    W12AAM said:
    Would love another & around £10k or less, still buys quite a nice one.
    Quite a lot less than £10k buys a nice one if you read through the advert quickly wink

    edit: says the person selling the car tongue out

    Edited by AntB on Monday 13th November 11:06

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