Chris Harris video: Audi R8 LMS

Thought we'd break ourselves into 2014 gently with a test of the Audi R8 LMS Ultra. There was a quick chance to have a go in a V10 street car on the same day, and the comparison is interesting.

For me this is rather like finally getting to snog the really pretty girl from school two years after you left. For years I've seen these R8 racers arrive in my rear view mirror at the 'Ring, now I get to drive one, albeit only on the GP track.

The more I'm exposed to these GT3 cars, the more I think they - and not the insectile prototypes - are the future of sports car racing. They are tangible; they look like real cars. Just very cool interpretations of real cars. If only the balance-of-performance rules were less brutal.

This video is an adjunct to a series of films my /DRIVE colleague J.F Musial has created about Audi, Quattro and its racing heritage. Here's a link to his first - a brief history of Quattro.

Enjoy the film. The big metal tests begin again next week.

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  • Vee12V 15 Jan 2014

    I'd have that drivetrain in the street car!

  • V8 FOU 15 Jan 2014

    Wow. What a sound. Usual stuff about you being the luckiest man on the planet.....

    Oh, I expect you'll get a serious drive this year, Chris, after your Goodwood performance etc...

  • UK952 15 Jan 2014

    The air vent looks like it is preparing to probe you, otherwise fantastic machine smile

  • loudlashadjuster 15 Jan 2014


  • Konan 15 Jan 2014

    I'm not sure I'm any the wiser about either car. See the difference between the two? How? A few long shots and some engine noise?

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