Chris Harris video: Porsche 911 GT3

The arguments and counter-arguments over the specification of this car will rage for years to come. It is a fact that in making the new GT3 PDK-only, and giving it rear-wheel steering, Porsche has made the car heavier than perhaps it might have been.

But the 991 is a big car, and yet it weighs nearly 250kg less than a Jaguar F-Type. Isn't that actually quite impressive? Make that very impressive.

Get over it says Harris; here's why we need to
Get over it says Harris; here's why we need to
The PDK gearbox is 20kg heavier than the 991's seven-speed manual, which itself is 20kg heavier than the old two-shaft manual from the previous GT3. But the new engine is 25kg lighter than before and, without the PDK as a power source, the rear-wheel steering would need an auxiliary unit, which would add at least 6kg. In other words, the weight penalty isn't so bad. And that's before you consider the profound improvements this new system has wrought on the road.

Anyhow, the debate will continue - too heavy, wrong gearbox, cop-out of an engine specification. Strange how none of this even enters your head when the car is fully-lit with its hips beginning to rotate. You just think you're driving one of the best sports cars ever made: nothing suppresses the philosophical discussion surrounding paddles and sticks like a flat-six at 8,900rpm.

Enjoy the vid - it's a home movie, but it's the first chance to see the GT3 in action outside of Porsche's hands.

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  • midtec 12 Jun 2013

    Awesome !!!!

    I want one

  • Rollcage 12 Jun 2013

    Does look good. Child bearing hips!

  • Terminator X 12 Jun 2013

    Jammy bd! Best job in the fookin world.


  • Ekona 12 Jun 2013

    Stunning. Great video, and great to watch a man who knows Porsches better than most just enjoy what he has as well as casting a critical eye over the car.

    I'm one of the 3 or 4 people who would buy a GT3 now because it's not a manual. So I guess that means that I'll never be on Chris' Christmas card list, but by jove did I enjoy that video. Thanks!

  • XplusYplusZ 12 Jun 2013

    It doesn't seem dangerous enough in my opinion, the thing looks so polished that the roll cage seems out of place.. like the car wouldn't ever allow you to lose control.

    It doesn't appear to be the raw sports car the GT3 once was. By that I mean there's no place that gaffa tape would seem appropriate to sort out a problem. You wouldn't use zip-ties on this car.

    I guess we'll just have to wait for the inevitable limited edition run..

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