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Chiron '110 ans Bugatti' revealed

Limited edition hypercar celebrates the brand's 110th anniversary. Vive la France!

By Dafydd Wood / Thursday, February 07, 2019

Bugatti released more special editions of the Veyron than most of us have had hot meals, but despite the Chiron having been around for almost three years there haven't been many tweaked variants to speak of. Buyers have been limited to the virtually unchanged '42', which marked the car's record breaking performance, or the far more extreme Divo, which was an even greater departure from the standard car than expected.

Now there's another to add to the collection: the Chiron Sport '110 ans Bugatti'. Based on the more driver-focussed Chiron Sport, it pays homage to the company's 110 year history whilst "underlining its origin and its French roots."

What makes it so special? Well, as usual the body is made of carbon fibre, but here the front and rear ends are exposed. The rest is painted in matt 'Steel Blue' said to be reminiscent of Bugatti's historic models, and paired with matt 'Nocturne' black wheels and French Racing Blue brake calipers. Just in case the Francophile in you remains unsated, the underside of the enormous rear spoiler boasts a French flag across its entire width, displayed in all its glory whenever the airbrake is called into action.

Limited to 20 cars out of the total 500-car run, the '110 ans Bugatti' sports the French tricolour in several places, in fact. The flag is to be seen on the vehicle's left flank, and mirrored on its right-hand side, rather than being applied the correct way around, a standard practice on French official vehicles in order to keep the colour of liberty (blue) to the fore on both sides.

Inside it can be found on the headrests, sport seats, the top of the steering wheel and keychain. The 'Deep Blue' leather interior also features carbon fibre on the nacelle, steering wheel, steering column and seat trims, with French Racing Blue trim on the seats, stowage compartments and seat belts. Finally, a "specially crafted medallion" takes pride of place on the centre console stowage space, made of carbon fibre and solid silver with enamel inserts, it bears witness to the car's high level of craftsmanship, apparently.

There aren't any mechanical upgrades, so the '110 ans Bugatti' is forced to make do with the same 1,500hp and 1,180lb ft as the standard Chiron Sport's 8.0-litre quad-turbo W16 produces, although it also benefits from the same 18kg weight saving over the standard car thanks to all that carbon fibre. That ought to be plenty to be getting on with though; we'll take two for the run down to Le Mans...

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