Ferrari 812 Superfast Spider leaks

Images of what look to be Spider versions of Ferrariโ€™s 812 Superfast and new F8 Tributo have leaked onto social media, suggesting theyโ€™re set for official reveal in the very near future. The pictures show an open-top 812 on stage, as well as illustrated sketches of both it and a convertible version of the 720hp F8. The latter will come as no surprise, what with each of its predecessors spawning drop-top variants. But the arrival of an 812 Spider starts a new trend in the lineage.

With so much power on offer from both the 812 and F8 coupes, donโ€™t expect the addition of electric folding roof gubbins to have much impact on straight-line performance. The hard-top models both hit 62mph in 2.9 seconds and history suggests thereโ€™s likely to be no perceivable drop in acceleration with the convertibles. And weโ€™re not expecting any changes to engine output because, well, the 812 and F8 arenโ€™t exactly lacking.ย 

However, unlike McLaren and its carbon tub cars, Ferrariโ€™s mostly aluminium models will almost certainly lose some structural rigidity with the transformation. That being said, the Maranello firm did a pretty fine job of clawing it back with the 488 Spider, suggesting the only real penalty for the upcoming convertibles will be added weight. The visceral gains, however, will likely be substantial โ€“ particularly for those in the already very vocal 812. We await official word from Ferrari with interestโ€ฆ

P.H. O'meter

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Comments (20) Join the discussion on the forum

  • bertie 06 Sep 2019

    Rag top?

    The V8 Spider not been a "rag top" since the 430.

  • dibblecorse 06 Sep 2019

    Ha ha ha, and we ALL know who took the pic ..........

  • JuniorD 06 Sep 2019

    I thought this was going to be a complaint about how the Ferrari 812 suffers from unwanted water ingress around its convertible roof.

    As for the car, the rearmost edge of the windscreen surround extends too close to the rear bulkhead imo

  • simonbamg 06 Sep 2019

    dibblecorse said:
    Ha ha ha, and we ALL know who took the pic ..........

  • Vee12V 06 Sep 2019

    The outlines on the last photo make it look like a Corvette...

    Other than that, imagine the V12 noise without a roof.

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