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Porsche Boxster Restoracing | Pic of the Week

PH won a race - we'll stop going on about it soon, honest...

By Dafydd Wood / Sunday, July 14, 2019

By happy coincidence - or by order of our corporate PorschetonHead overlords, depending on how conspiratorially minded you are - we've had the opportunity to spend rather a lot of time in a series of very exciting Porsches recently. From my and Matt's trip to N24 in the 991.2 GT3 RS, to Sam's sprint up the Goodwood hill in the bonkers 935.

Shock horror, though, Matt Bird has actually driven more than one; three, in fact, the last of which was the other Boxster reviewed yesterday. The most exciting of the bunch, though, you already know about: his fantastic Restoracing Boxster. This is the car in which he claimed victory at last weekend's Brands Hatch leg of the championship, after which he insisted that a different photo of him on the podium be Pic of the Week for the rest of the year. Just kidding, he of course resisted the limelight in his usual self effacing way.

His car, however, did no such thing. How could it? The entire field, a blur of hand-painted, throwback liveries flying past the camera, looks absolutely tremendous. Matt's Boxster, in focus at the head of the pack, even more so, meaning it's only right that it should feature in our Pic of the Week. Congratulations, then, to Matt for a great win, congratulations to photographer Adam Pigott for a great photo (one of many from the day, it must be said) and congratulations to us for looking at it!

Photo: Adam Pigott

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