Fiat Coupe Buying Guide: At a glance

So you want a Fiat Coupe - good decision. Even more than 20 years on from launch, it's a distinctive, fast and interesting sports car. It's still relatively affordable as well, especially when you look at the prices now commanded by certain 90s coupes.

Over the past few pages we've detailed the key things to look for when considering a Coupe, from cambelt change intervals to headlight replacement. If that all sounds a bit daunting when eyeing up a purchase, here's our handy one-pager of basic points to tick off when looking at a car for sale. There are plenty of cars for sale in the PH classifieds, so there's no excuse not to take the plunge...

If you do buy a car off the back of the buying guide then please let us know - we'd love to see it!

16v engines need cambelt change at 36,000 miles, while five-cylinder motor intervals are 50,000 miles.
Check oil level and look for rusty oil cooler pipes.
Cracked exhaust manifold spotted by a ticking noise.
Failed thermostat prevents engine warming up properly.
Warning light on dash for fuel injector fault points to failed sensors.
Cam cover gasket leaks common.

Rolling chassis
Bushes in front suspension wear quickly, so budget for replacements.
Listen for clonk from rear end that indicate a loose bump stop.
Warped discs show up as a pulsing through the brake pedal.
Original wheels are best to preserve ride and handling balance.

Avoid cars with rusty body panels as it suggests crash damage and poor care.
Rust underneath is less obvious but vital to check for as drain holes get blocked.
Rear light surrounds and fuel filler cap lacquer can peel.
Check central locking works and all three keys are present.
Headlight covers go milky with age.

Look for wear on seat bolsters.
Check for damp in boot.
Dash plastics go soft and 'melt' with age and exposure to the sun. Solution is a retrim or to paint the affected areas.

Rolling Chassis
At a glance