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Ford Centenary

100 years ago Henry Ford took to the race track. It was a defining moment in the history of the car.

By / Tuesday, October 09, 2001

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: Henry Ford (4) about to pass Alexander Winton in the 1901 race.

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: Henry Ford never raced again after his 1901 victory, but he sometimes drove the race cars. He drove 999 in a 1903 demonstration run with Harry Harkness at the Grosse Pointe track.

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: The Elgin, Illinois Road Race. Frank Kulick finished second in the light car class with his Model T racer.

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: Four Miller-Fords qualified for the Indianapolis 500. All of them were forced out with seized steering because the steering box was mounted too close to the exhaust manifold.

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: The "Purple Hogs" were Ford's first factory- backed NASCAR stock cars.

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: Indianapolis 500 Pre-Race. Jim Clark confers with Colin Chapman before qualifying in the Lotus 29 Ford.

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: Ontario 500, Canada. AJ Foyt (#21) passes Richard Petty (#43) and Bobby Issac (#71).

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David Pearson drives the Wood Brother's Purolator Mercury.

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: RAC Rally. Timo Makinen and Harry Liddon win in a Ford Escort RS1600

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: Donington Park. Zakspeed Ford Capri Ford driven by D. Soldeck

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: Roush Racing has agreed to help Ford celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Ford Racing by outfitting the #97 Roush Racing Ford Taurus with a special edition paint scheme for the Daytona 500.

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