PH Explains

'PH Explains' is a new feature PistonHeads is bringing in for 2018, detailing some of the most common tech in our favourite cars. We would say it's a self-explanatory title, but we wouldn't sink that low...

This is the hub page for PH Explains, where all the featured stories are collected in one place for your reference. There are just a few for now, covering subjects like turbochargers, diesel engines and the four-stroke cycle, but we'll expand over time to cover all aspects of automotive engineering.

In the picture grid below are hyperlinks to the stories already published, and it's where subsequent features will be posted too. If there's anything you'd like to see included in the PH Explains logbook, then please let us know - we're open to suggestions!

What is a turbocharger?

What is the four-stroke cycle?

What is the diesel cycle?

What is a supercharger?

What is a carburettor?

What is electronic fuel injection?

What is mechanical fuel injection?

What is an electric supercharger?

What is a dump valve?

What is a turbocharger wastegate?