The PistonHeads Motoring Week

The arrival of March has failed to bring any warm weather. Which is a pain, really. Don't worry, though - pop the kettle on, light the fire, and forget the last nippy clutches of winter by browsing through the week's biggest stories on PistonHeads. You can even have a bit of cake. Go on, do it - we said you could.

Latin Supercars
Hot-blooded supercars from southern Europe have made their presence felt on PH this week. On Monday, our Carpool featured a smashing Ferrari 550 Barchetta, while we got our second glimpse of the Spania GTA Spano. Then on Wednesday, Maserati’s rather cool history page made our Time For Tea. There was more to come from Bologna – news of the GranTurismo MC Stradale hit our pages on Thursday, while Monkey brought us anupdate on his 599, to keep Ferrari in the picture. There was more Maser action on Friday, though, where we found a super-cheap 3200GT for sale. Dan’s blog comparing the differing PR approaches to the Ferrari F150 and McLaren P1 rounded off a busy week for Italian supercar manufacturers.

Nismo News
Tuesday brought a flurry of Nissan-related stories to PH. The big news from Japan was the arrival of the Nismo GT-R, as well as big plans for the Nismo arm of Nissan. On that note, Chris found an R32| Skyline GT-Rin the classifieds which set him to pondering on the true value of cars. And trying to work out whether he should buy this one, or spend a little more time umming and ahhing.


McLaren P1 – again...
Another day, another press release from McLaren – this time on the P1. Finally, we’ve been given some concreteinformation on pricing andperformance, as well as a look at the production version of the new car. Look forward to hearing more about this from Geneva next week.


Private investigations
Long-time followers of PH were shocked to note that a sensible consumer story made it onto the site on Thursday. Nevertheless, telematics have become such a high-profile talking point that Dan’sinvestigation was crucial to learning a little more about this oft-feared ‘advance’. Off the back of VW’sGolf GTI unveil, Nick Gibbs has been looking at hothatch sales figures – and they make for surprising (and slightly disappointing) reading.


Advance, Land Rover
Land Rover’s been looking rather tech-happy this week with the reveal of not one but two bits of leading technology. First up, there are the sevenelectricDefenders coming to next week’s Geneva Motor Show, which are laying the path for more electric Landies in the future. Meanwhile, some tech you can actually buy – the Range Rover Evoque has been the first car confirmed to offer ZF’s new nine-speed gearbox.


Feature Corner
This week’s features have included a cracking look atAmerica from behind the ‘windshield’ of a Bentley, and an illuminating interview from Jon Urry with the man behind the Honda FireBlade, Tadao Baba. Meanwhile, Graeme Lambert got up close & personal with the BMW i8 for us, while Monkey’s been off driving the SLS AMG Electric Drive. We’ve also brought you our buyer’s guide to the X100 Jaguar XK8 & XKR.


Team PH Speaks
This week, there’s been good newsfrom Paul – finally, both cars in his fleet are up and running as they should be. Great success! Meanwhile, Scrof mused on the age-old dilemma: MX-5 or MR2? Monkey’s video this week was a feast of sideways BMW rally action with, sadly, a premature end, while Dan spent some time going sideways at Mercedes-Benz World.


Next week on PH:

  • Jaguar revisits its 1953 Jabbeke speed trial success
  • All the news from the Geneva Motor Show
  • Monkey drives the SLS AMG Black Series