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With the New York Motor Show just around the corner, a smattering of new car news is on its way next week. But if you just can’t wait for another dose of motoring news, grab a cuppa, sink into the sofa, and catch up on some of the stories you might have missed on PH last week!

Loud’n’proud they may have been, but the selection of American motors on PH this week certainly demonstrated the diversity of the US’s car scene. First up, the late, great Ricardo Montalban – aka Star Trek baddie Khan – showed off his lovely brown-over-brown Chrysler Cordoba in our Ad Break. Bringing us more up-to-date, Top Gear USA host and rallycross driver Tanner Foust went for a hoon around the ’ring in the daft, but brilliant, Ford SVT Raptor. It was hardly the best thing for the job, though – perhaps he’d have been more at home in an SRT Viper Time Attack, a new limited-run special edition that sets out to be the track-focused Viper. It wasn’t all noise and gas guzzling, though; news of the rebirth of Detroit Electric suggests there’ll soon be a rival for Tesla in the sports electric marketplace.

Cat Fight
There’s been plenty of Jaguar-related content on the site this week, chief among which being the splendid news that Jaguar’s to launch a new XJR at the New York show. The news came just as we were publishing our road test of the new XF Sportbrake Diesel S – a car that manages to take the utilitarian art of diesel estatery and turn it into something rather special. We’ve also had more news of the fantastic-looking Lyonheart K, with production now slated to commence later this year. And if older Jags were more to your liking, a TWR XJS in action took centre stage in this week’s pic of choice.


Designer Italians
Fancy something a little more exclusive than the norm? Well, we had not one, but two cars that’d fit the bill on the site this week. First up was Jim Glickenhaus’s latest creation, the P33; no pictures yet, but Glickenhaus himself paid the forums a visit to answer a few questions about the new car. You’ll struggle to buy one, though; just the one is slated to be made! You’ll have more luck if you fancy getting hold of Pininfarina’s latest creation, the Sergio, though; a few more examples – though, quite literally, a few more – are set to be produced.


Event Horizon
Lots of news about fantastic PH-related events this week, with perhaps the biggest and best-known being Goodwood. Porsche is set to be the star of the show, and duly revealed its ‘Project 50’ in celebration. Ford, too, is making some waves with the UK debut of its FF1, the Ecoboost-powered single-seater track car that might – just – make it into limited-run production. Elsewhere, news of this year’s Wilton House Classic & Supercars made the site, while we also brought you information on discounted entry for PHers at this year’s Donington Historic Festival.


And the rest...
There were, of course, several tidbits of news that stood out on their own this week; our interview with Ian Cook, artistic talent and thoroughly nice chap to boot, being one of them. Dan, meanwhile, spotted a rather unsung PH favourite, the Mazda CX-7. We’ve also had a run-down on the PH-worthy parts of the chancellor’s budget statement, plus a rather extensive leak of Merc’s new CLA45 AMG, which will make its official debut next week.



Feature Corner
Features aplenty this week. We started with a PH Heroes feature on the Ferrari F50 back on Monday, and at the other end of the financial scale, we’ve also had a twin-test of the Renault Megane 265 Cup and the Subaru BRZ, in an attempt to answer the question of whether fast or fun is the best way to spend £25,000. Meanwhile, PH2 correspondent Jon Urry’s been testing the BMW F800GT, and while he’s come back with plenty of praise, he does wonder whether it’s an answer to a question nobody’s asking.

Team PH Speaks...
Various blogs from Team PH this week; first up we’ve had Dan’s thoughts on cyclists versus drivers while moonlighting on the Guardian's bike blog (yes, really!) and then on more regular turf with a look ahead to this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. Meanwhile Monkey’s been talking Top Trumps, and remembering the unique Mercedes-influenced Isdera Imperator.It’s not the only Merc he’s been getting excited about, though; his video this week brought us the astonishing sight and sound of the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series.

Next Week on PH...

  • Monkey interviews Andreas Preuninger
  • Peugeot 208 GTI – our verdict
  • Mazda RX-8 Buying Guide
  • All the news and views from the New York Motor Show

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