The PistonHeads Motoring Week

No such thing as a quiet week here on PH and, mid-summer or not, the team is busy bringing you the latest on the stuff that matters. Or, at least, diverts you from the important stuff you probably should be doing instead.

Spoil sports
It's PistonHeads versus The Man this week, personified first as the Lib Dems who apparently want to see every petrol and diesel car off the roads by 2040. You can imagine how well that one's going for them in General Gassing. Elsewhere Audi's continued marketing genius continues to impress, even if our regulatory nannies won't let us see the latest ad. The RS6 featured therein features in this week's Harris video while Honda's elegant demonstration of its ingenuity won plenty of fans in an earlier PH Ad Break.

In the market
PH wouldn't be PH without a bit of virtual tyre kicking, Shed getting excited over an old Lancia while a drive in a lacklustre fast Volvo inspired a hunt for a secondhand V8 one in the classifieds. And if that didn't tickle your fancy we were also reunited with another old friend, now up for sale in the PH classifieds having previously featured in our fast estates story.



Lights, camera, action
Plenty of video based fun to distract you this week, from the fascinating tale of the have a go hero BMW employee who took it upon himself to build the firm's first 3 Series estate. We've also got Alonso putting LaFerrari through its paces, Loeb out testing his new WTCC Citroen and a fabulous step back in time to 70s saloon car racing at Crystal Palace. And a desktop Pic Of The Week to match. Oh, and if you've got a gap in your DVD or Blu-ray collection for C'etait un Rendezvous you can fill it here with a PH discount to boot.

Team PH speaks
Dan's holiday reading inspired an off-beat reflection on the similarities between wartime fighters and modern-day supercars while Danny reported in on the latest in his roller-coaster relationship with his Lotus Elise. Matt reported in on his trip to Wilton House while contributor Sean Carson reported back from an illuminating lesson in basic car set-up to help inform his fettling with his MK Indy R Seven-alike.


Coming soon:

  • Hot Jag XFR-S and XJR tested
  • Porsche 991 Turbo driven
  • PH goes sprinting in a GT86
  • Bike track training with Mike Edwards