Aston Martin Valkyrie engine note teased

Gone are the days when a new model was announced, unveiled, tested, and then forgotten about either forever, or for however many years it took to start being considered a classic. The modern process, as you'll be well aware, involves a constant drip-feeding of hints, teases, leaks and spy shots to keep the car on homepages, in social media feeds and at the front of enthusiast's minds, building the hype until its launch. After its been driven, tested and reviewed an example or two will find their way to 'influencers', who will publish videos about the seven things they love/ 12 things they hate/ 81 things they're surprised by until their followers are distracted by someone with something newer and shinier in the pipeline, and so the cycle repeats.

There are many cons to this process, but a few pros too, one of which has arrived today in the form of a tweet from Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer announcing "The sound of "THE" GREAT British car company!" Attached is a 20 second clip which seems to be of the Valkyrie dyno testing and demonstrates the sonorous wail of its naturally-aspirated Cosworth V12.


The exact output of the 6.5-litre powerplant is still under wraps, with a previous tweet from Cosworth's own account claiming a total of 1,146hp having been deleted and revealed to be inaccurate. What has since been confirmed, however, is that the Valkyrie will boast "two to three hundred more horsepower" than any other V12-engined road car, making its motor the most powerful naturally aspirated unit ever fitted to a road car.

Usually that would be enough Aston news for one morning, but today also saw the company launch its long awaited IPO. It floated on the London Stock Exchange at an initial price of £19 a share before dipping to £17.75, leaving the company with a market value of just over £4 billion, quite a way short of the £5 billion valuation it had originally hoped for. Nonetheless, CEO Andy Palmer described the occasion as "a very proud moment, if not the crowning moment (to date!) of my 40 year career" and with private investors able to buy shares from next Monday, the manufacturer's valuation may be set for a few more twists and turns yet.

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  • dukeboy749r 03 Oct 2018

    On it's first IPO morning and with shares already dipping, the 'market' is not as convinced as I am sure the CEO would like

  • Spiritual_Beggar 03 Oct 2018

    That engine does sound bloody lovely though!

  • WCZ 03 Oct 2018

    looking to be one of the best cars ever made smile

  • RacerMike 03 Oct 2018

    My God that sounds incredible. When hearing it was going to rev North of 10,000 rpm, I really hoped it might sound like an old Ferrari V12 F1 car, and by jove it does! I think seeing one of these at full send around somewhere like Spa will be absolutely incredible.

  • cookie1600 03 Oct 2018

    Nurse, nurse!! Fetch a bedpan!

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