New Aston Martin V12 teased

There has been much conjecture and speculation over just what the new era of Aston Martin will feature. How similar will they look to the DB10 and Vulcan? How much influence will the AMG partnership have? And will all DB11 customers be called Philippe?

Here is a very significant clue. It's a 30-second clip of the new V12 that's likely to make its debut in the DB11, moodily filmed while it's being revved. A useful teaser video for once!

The big news? Well, the stupid 'Emotional Control Unit' key is gone, replaced by a new start button. Oh yes, and it definitely still sounds like a V12. Slightly different to before perhaps, but still pretty good from here. No doubt there will be plenty of discussion forthcoming...

Nothing is confirmed on power yet, but a 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12 surely isn't going to be short of it. Given the old 5.9-litre V12 is at 573hp in the V12 Vantage S, is it unreasonable to expect 600hp?

The official description of this engine is that 'Aston Martin has developed a brand new 5.2-litre V12 twin-turbo engine', with absolutely no ties or relations to any Mercedes powerplants at all. Interesting... Expect more details when the DB11 is confirmed.

Does this sound good enough for an Aston V12? How closely related to an AMG engine will it be, if at all? Answers to follow soon; for now the forum awaits your thoughts!

Watch the video here.


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Comments (68) Join the discussion on the forum

  • gweaver 11 Jan 2016

    Nice covers, but where is the engine? I couldn't see it..

  • PhantomPH 11 Jan 2016

    Now that sounds gooooood.

  • JohnGoodridge 11 Jan 2016

    Was that noise recorded in an underground parking garage? Surely the point of the video is to reassure that the move to turbocharging hasn't reduced the aural Aston-ness.

    However whilst it sounds like a good start, maybe in the metal it will be quieter (not in a tunnel) and surely there'll be some turbo whistle or whoosh somewhere in real driving conditions?

  • whoami 11 Jan 2016

    They all look the same.

  • smilo996 11 Jan 2016

    No matter how much they try and spin it, AML is now a panel beater for AMG. "Aston Martin has developed a brand new 5.2-litre V12 twin-turbo engine". Really?

    Like Jaguar, McLaren and even TVR, AML had an opportunity to make / use engines from the UK. However Dr Bez gave that prize to German Auto after failing to move all AML production out of the UK.
    No doubt many PH'ers won't care and see these comments as insulting. However a couple of hundred engineering graduates should be annoyed he did what German Auto managers always do which is to take it home.
    After all Cosworth is less than an hour away and Ricardo less than 3....

    Fortunately there are many second hand Astons with Aston designed, non hair drier engines built at Ford Cologne by Aston workers. Not wholly Aston but better than a future with AMG, engines, electronics, mated to AMG supplier gearboxes and axles etc.

    Though someone working for Aston did say the V8 and V12 would live on well into 2017.

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