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Aston V12 Vanquish Buying Guide: Body

The last handbuilt Newport Pagnell Aston does have a few body niggles

By Alisdairsuttie / Sunday, December 20, 2015

All Vanquish models have superformed aluminium body panels that were hand finished and tailored to each car to maintain that handbuilt tradition of Aston Martins. Aside from the usual checks for any damage to the metal or paintwork, it's important to look for any signs of bubbling under the paint where water may have penetrated and started an electrolytic reaction. This requires specialist attention to cure and is not as straightforward as dealing with corrosion on a steel body panel. This type of corrosion is most common at panel edges and the front of the car where stone chips have gone through to the metal.

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Any bubbling under paint needs specialist work

Any bubbling under paint needs specialist work

Check for leaks and water ingress around the windscreen from a badly replaced screen, while wet carpets may also be down to blocked air conditioning drains. A sign of the window seals failing is milkiness at the edge of the glass.

When opening the doors, allow a moment before opening the door to let the frameless windows drop to avoid damaging the door seals. If you just open the doors instantly, the seals can bend over into the window, damaging the seal and the door trim.

Rattles from the door area are usually caused by loose earth straps caused by the bolt coming free from the nyloc fastener. A new slightly longer bolt will solve this.

Uprated headlight bulbs improve night driving as the covered headlights reduce the effectiveness of the standard bulbs.

PHer's view:
"There is often considerable distortion in the glass in the rear window, which is normal given the size and shape of the glass."
Stephen Mount

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