New van lap record on the Nurburgring!

No doubt you'll remember the Top Gear episode: Jeremy Clarkson and an S-Type diesel on the Nurburgring, with the aim to get around in less than 10 minutes. He just about succeeded, too, only for his achievement to be undermined somewhat by Sabine Schmitz getting within 10 seconds of his time in a Transit. "I do that lap time in a van" and so on.

Remarkably that was now 13 years ago and, while unofficial, we know of no standard van - see Revo's work for the modified possibilities - that has lapped quicker since. Today that changes with this from VW, which has sent a 150hp Transporter around the Nordschleife with Rob Austin at the wheel; it seems wrong to spoil the surprise here - see the vid below for the number - but VW claims a van has now cracked the 10-minute barrier. Well, bridge to gantry at least...

As you can probably see, the Transporter was provided by Northgate Vehicle Hire - don't be gentle, it's a rental, right? - which saw some opportunity here to advertise the "quality and durability" of one of its most popular vans.

Sadly VW hasn't seen fit to release the full lap video yet, but we're on the case of pestering them for it. Finally, Volkswagen, if you're in need of a driver for a more powerful Transporter in future, or want to use the lighter and nimbler Caddy, then you know where we are...

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  • Craikeybaby 13 Sep 2018

    I’m sure I read somewhere that Guy Martin was working on some sort of van ‘ring lap record attempt.

  • Onehp 13 Sep 2018

    220hp diesel isn't really the best one can do tuned now. German HGP will give you a VR6 3.6 biturbo with 700+ bhp in your stripped transporter, esp recalibrated too if you asked nicely, if you pay them enough...

  • Agent XXX 13 Sep 2018

    Doesn't really matter about 'Ring times. They're the fastest vehicle on the motorways so wins everything

  • simonrockman 13 Sep 2018

    Would've been quicker if it was white.

  • geeks 13 Sep 2018

    Wasn't this done months ago? Also wasn't it sponsored by Northgate (they supplied the Van) not VW?

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