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Mazda RX-7 Buying Guide: Body

Pretty resistant to rust as standard, but be wary of those modified cars

By Alisdairsuttie / Monday, October 16, 2017

A completely standard, unmodified RX-7 is the Holy Grail for collectors now. Finding one like this will be tough as most have been modified to some extent and the bodywork is often the first port of call for owners with this in mind. Aftermarket front nose sections and rear wings are common, along with side skirts and alloy wheels.

Closing with the spoiler can lead to rust - no, really

Closing with the spoiler can lead to rust - no, really

If you're looking at one of the rare special edition models with unique headlight covers, make sure the original parts are with the car as it's all but impossible to source replacements for them. You'll also find the standard headlights on Japanese import versions are quite weak compared to most modern cars, but upgraded bulbs will sort this.

Plenty of RX-7s have been crashed and rebuilt, so you need to be on the lookout for signs of repairs and damage. Pop the bonnet and boot and poke around the chassis rails and suspension turrets for any signs of creases or wrinkles that point to an impact. Also look for the quality of any welding, sealing and paintwork.

Make sure it's straight - panels are hard to come by

Make sure it's straight - panels are hard to come by

Most FDs came with 16-inch alloy wheels from the factory, but 17-inch items were used on several limited edition models. Anything larger than this can start to strain the suspension and makes the ride even firmer, so make sure you're happy with any modified car on bigger aftermarket wheels. Also, look for good quality tyres as a sign of a caring owner.

The FD is quite resistant to rust, but you should look closely around the rear wheelarches as water can leak into the inside of this section through the mounts for the rear wing. This is more common on cars where the owner uses the spoiler to lift the tailgate.

PHer's view:
"I've kept my car aesthetically standard (except that it came with '99 spec front-end and rear wing), and in the last year or so, it seems to be getting a lot of attention that is has never really got."
Scott Chapman





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