Chris Harris video: GT2 RS vs Panigale part 2

The rolling convoy of Porsche GT2 RS and Ducati Panigale runs the risk of not feeling part of the normal, human world. Both are so effortlessly fast that large quantities of self-control are needed to stop both rider and driver becoming the protagonists in some non-virtual racing game whose consequences are rather more serious than anything Codemasters has invented.

Round two - fight! And away they go...
Round two - fight! And away they go...
Hold the Porsche’s throttle down to its stop for more than four seconds, at any speed, and you’re potentially in trouble. It’s even worse on the Panigale. So we ferried them sedately* from our meeting place to Bruntingthorpe, whereupon we set about shooting part two of this little tussle.

Part one ended with a resounding victory for the bike at Santa Pod, but I felt certain that above 140mph the car stood a good chance of redeeming itself.

We had to use a Panigale S this time, because the Tricolore’s exotic exhaust was louder than a Lightning.

It’s a short vid, but I hope you like it.

*Is this possible?


P.H. O'meter

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  • Dan gate master 08 Nov 2012

    Now try it against a hayabusa.

  • StuB 08 Nov 2012

    Awesome car, just a more awesome bike, which topped out at 180 ish on a runway. Other bikes would have been a spec on the horizon.

    This reminds me I need GT2RS intercoolers on my Crimbo list.

    Nice to see some factual (rather than emotive) comparisons.

    How's the bike riding coming on Monkey?

  • DoubleSix 08 Nov 2012

    Another hard day at the office for Mr Harris....

  • Rawwr 08 Nov 2012

    I'll take the GT2RS if you're buying, ta.

  • Bezza1969 08 Nov 2012

    Its quite astounding just how much faster the bike accelerates than the car up to about 160-170 MPH and this is a GT2 RS. Against the sort of performance car you're gonna see on an average day, the bike has no worries (until you throw in some corners!!)

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