Chris Harris video: McLaren P1

Chris has already written quite a lot on the McLaren P1 - read his in-depth review here - but here's what you've no doubt been waiting for. The vid.

Grabs like the one above should offer some clue as to what you're in for but by now you're probably done with words and ready for action. Without further ado...

Enjoy the vid.



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  • mickers70 19 Feb 2014

    I need to get a life ...........AT LAST ....

  • Jayfish 19 Feb 2014

    30 mins! It's got to be good to be worth that, bbiab!

  • KTF 19 Feb 2014

    Blue flames coming out the exhaust will be the next big thing now that everyone has LED lights smile

  • Lordbenny 19 Feb 2014

    Greatest car ever made, best video I've ever seen....a new bar has been set!

  • SystemParanoia 19 Feb 2014


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