Chris Harris video: new Cayman

You've had the first drive written words already, so there's little point in me adding anything more at this point, other than to introduce the video.

The 'baby' Porsche has gone and grown up
The 'baby' Porsche has gone and grown up
I've trawled through the spec sheet of the 3.4 S model and discovered one irrelevant fact will only be of interest to sad people like me: fitted with a manual 'box the Cayman loses out on all the standing start sprints, but it actually records a higher top speed 177mph, as opposed to the slothful 176 claimed for the PDK car.

The most pressing Cayman question for now seems to be whether to go non-S, or S. I didn't have time to drive the smaller car, but with a specific output of 101.6hp per litre it must be a right screamer. One of those in white with some pretty wheels might just be the perfect Cayman.

Check out the press pack for the full geekery. And enjoy the vid.

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  • Arrive Alive 21 Feb 2013

    I was convinced that I needed one within the first 35 seconds. Good work Chris.

  • 77bd82 21 Feb 2013

    I had the genII 2.9 version for 18 months, fantastic car but I always felt it looked a little 'cheap' This looks amazing.

    Great review btw

  • Some Gump 21 Feb 2013

    ooh. ooh. no likey.

    I love the look of the new Boxster, but this looks like a Cayman cross bred with PAnamera, and coming up with the factory equivalent of a carera GT lookalike based on an MR2.

    Please tell me it's nicer from other angles than these pictures? I love the new boxster, and like the old cayman a lot - I was hoping the Cayman grows up to fill the void left by older 911's as the sports car rather than GT...

  • SWoll 21 Feb 2013

    I don't think the yellow in the vid does it justice TBH.

    Any better?

    I think it looks fantastic personally.

  • kambites 21 Feb 2013

    Looks wise, I just can't get on with that lip thing running across the back and into the rear lights. It looks absolutely ridiculous! Why couldn't they have swept the boot line up into a proper flat tail rather than having that daft thing?

    Still, sounds like it's a decent car if you like that sort of thing. I'm sure it'll sell well. smile

    Edited by kambites on Wednesday 20th February 23:44

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