2019 BMW M2 CS spied testing

The BMW M2 Competition is arguably the sweet spot in the M line-up thanks to its mixture of savage performance and compact dimensions. It looks like BMW has left room for things to get just even sweeter still, though, with a more aggressive version having been spotted testing. Yes, it's the car we've long expected but not yet had hard evidence to prove was in development, the M2 CS.

Seen here testing at the Nurburgring, a development version of the Club Sport car wears a dovetail spoiler and what look to be larger, likely carbon-ceramic brakes, signalling to its heightened performance. You'll also notice a set of lightweight M Performance wheels, which we'd expect to come as standard on the CS as part of a list of mass shedding components made from carbon fibre.

The headline grabbing stats for the CS will come with a bump in output from its turbocharged straight six engine, which is essentially a de-tuned version of the M3/M4's S55 3.0-litre, which produces 420hp in the 'regular' Competition. Expect something closer to 430hp in the CS, meaning the motor will essentially be running in identical form to the standard M3's and should therefore trim the CS's 0-62mph sprint time to about 4.2 seconds.

Key to the M2 CS's enhanced focus will be a revised chassis setup. M division CS models usually get altered rates for their adaptive dampers to trim body roll, along with tweaked steering to unlock more feel from the front axle and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubber for increased bite. The M division is pretty good at making these bits combine to create a fluid as well as fast package, and the M2 is arguably the best base to begin with. We therefore have very high hopes.

Hopefully they'll hurry up and get this to market quickly, right? Well, there's no official word as to when the M2 CS will hit the roads, and although this sighting at the 'Ring suggests it's at an advanced stage of development, CS editions usually arrive towards the end of a model's production run. We'd hedge that a late 2019 launch seems most likely, leaving the recently released M2 Competition with a few more months to reign as top dog of the 2 Series line-up.

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  • TheOrangePeril 10 Oct 2018

    These really are funny lookin' things. Something about the design of the rear wing makes the rear wheels and arches look tiny and vastly out of proportion to the rest of the vehicle.

    That said, if I were rich I'd love to own one... These latest photos really bring out the strange rear quarter design though.

  • Agent XXX 10 Oct 2018

    God that's an ugly, misproportioned, dumpy little pig of a car.

  • Toma500 10 Oct 2018

    Whats going on with the boot spoiler ?

  • nickfrog 10 Oct 2018

    Agent XXX said:
    God that's an ugly, misproportioned, dumpy little pig of a car.
    Who would have thought you don't like it ?. I think looks are subjective. I think it looks great. I also think some people value the driving experience more than the looks, but each to their own.

  • Gregmitchell 10 Oct 2018

    In photo 3 it looks like it's been rear ended and the back is squashed... not a looker... but i'm sure it's fast and fun!

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