Dutch hide sneaky m'way cameras


We hear through the Porsche Club Osnabrück Weser-Ems (see link below) that the motorways in the Netherlands are now stuffed with cameras.

Take a look at these pics and you'll see that the cameras, built into the roadside Armco, would be all but invisible in normal driving.

According to sources, the Dutch authorities are using a new types of camera that  are -- allegedly -- capable of checking not just speed using radar and infra-red, but also distance to other vehicles, under- and overtaking.

These are built into the Armco and are almost invisible (see photos).

The Porsche club has sent us a long list of camera locations but it's a bit mangled so rather than post incorrect information, we'll run it up in this story if we manage to get hold of a cleaner version.


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  • andyinpembs 02 Feb 2007

    That's just not cricket confused

  • _deano 02 Feb 2007

    Hitler is still alive and coming up with new ideas for scameras.
    who in their right mind would come up with an idea like this and then put it forward, so that it can be used on the public...

  • Doshy 02 Feb 2007

    Oh my God, what next.....?

  • Le Sarthe 02 Feb 2007

    Scameras: new miracle cure for obesity, coronary heart disaese and hypertension that could save NHS billions -

    everybody bloody cycle and walk everyhwere as we have all lost our licences and public transport has collapsed under the strain.

  • drgp 02 Feb 2007

    Reminds me of the quote from Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged Me (1999),Nigel Powers (Michael Caine) "There's only two things I can't stand in this world. Those who are intolerant of other peoples cultures... and the Dutch".

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