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General Information

Welcome to the Wedge Forum - please start here.

What books to read up on
How to search Pistonheads
Workshop manuals and parts list

Wedge Spannering

Jacking advice


Engine Oil

V8 Engines

Rover V8 technical links
Rover V8 info sources online

The dreaded Engine Temperature Sensor - misfiring, cutting out?

Help with V8 Specialist North Essex
The Project not idling when cold
Light throttle misfire.
350i Tickover ( OR NOT!)

Or it could be the Ignition Module


Or the ECU

Poor running, misfire?
ECU replace/upgrade
Ecu technical discussion

Or earth leads around the car

Running problems with Lucas L (flapper 4CU) injection system

Or the timing

More Idle Problems

Leaks - And Fixing Them

270Nm give me a lever long enough! - replacing the crankshaft oil seal.

Noises - And Fixing Them

Noisy top end - now fixed

V6 Engines

Capri 2.8i Fuel metering heads
280 running problem
Possible headgasket failure
Kelvinator's bosch k jetronic basics articles

4-pot Engines

Someone please add something here!

Throttle Cables

Sticky throttle cable - fixing.

Starter Motors

Some sort of starter solenoid strip saga
Starter motor gone....
Starter and stuff
Starter motor

I'm Exhausted

Olive Oyl

Fuel System

Fuel system
Replace all fuel hoses w/ diagram

Driveshafts and UJ's

UJ Replacement
Part no for uj on 400 driveshafts
Driveshaft UJ's
u j failed
UJ's 400SE same as 350I
rear hub nut
UJ refurb


Diff output flange bolts
4HU Questions


Rear Suspension Torque Settings
Trailing Arm Improvements


Wedge Radiator Removal
Radiator removal

Water pumps

RV8 water pump needed
water pump and belt cross referencing
350i water pumps (includes rebuild discussion)

Gearbox and remote linkage

Now the gear change isn't clean
Remote linkage bushes
Advice when renewing gearbox mounts
Strange gearbox/clutch problem (LT77)
LT77 Gearbox oil

The Electrical System

Wiring diagrams in pdf
My alternator..........again!
Odd alternator behaviour
Dimmed headlights (400SE)
Light Pod Woes (includes relay/fuse diagrams)

Headlights & Pods

Headlamp Switch
Pop up lights
Wedge electrics/lights
400 & 450SE Headlamps
Headlamps & headlights - broken url
Headlamps & little black box - wonder what it is?
Wedgeneering article about pods and associated electrics (excellent)

Wipers and miscellaneous electrics

lucas wiper motor
Fan Override Switch Position
Windows Dropper Circuit


Clutch slippage
Clutch Ache
Me's got me a clutch
Clutch progress
Clutch Hydraulics


OEM AP rotors/alloy bells with princess calipers etc...
Experience with brakes?
master brake cylinder
New brakes
Splitting rear calipers
Brake Fluid Reservoir Cap & Switch (280i)
Bleeding Brakes
4 pot front callipers 350i and 350se
Brake Pedal (adjustment) (broken link)

Bonnet Bolts (coming loose)

Exciting Moment

Trim, bodywork, etc

Replacing top
Roof repair and window replacement
Seats in a 280i FHC Wedge
Has anyone had a 280 dash out before?
SEAC dash / instrument panel removal
400SE body off instructions. broken link
Adjusting the doors
Fibreglassing Advice

Wheels and Bearings

Cerb wheels on a Wedge
Front Wheel Bearing Settings
Rear Wheel Bearing Removal
Front wheel bearing collapsed - advice needed
Rear wheel bearing replacement
Another Chuffing Noise
OZ Wheels Rebuild - Step by step


bulk head bush
350 I steering shaft

Blow Me!

Section for superchargers and turbos (and Nitrous if you're a bit mental)

SX Technical Information
help with psi boost gauge
Supercharging a 350 V8
Twin Sprintex
SX Water Pump Problem
cooler air to the filter & airflow meter
Sprintex Inlet Temperature
V6 SX280 - Delilah is in for the second part of surgery
The SX Wedges (warning contains rudies!)

Restoration Projects

My nightmare... errr restoration thread
(400SE) Here we go - Restoration begins!
New 350i owner
SEAC Rescue
400se restoration part 2
350i Resurrection - a diary
johns wedge rebuild
Another body off!
The White Elephant
Another Restoration (Engineer1949) (wrong link)

Crash Repairing

We never want to see our cars damaged, but all is not lost, glass fibre can be repaired, as can the chassis underneath.

Repairable? Or am I looking for a donor body

And Finally

They all do that, Sir!